Eating Out: Mexico City

Published Date Author: , March 24th, 2015

Carlos Melia - Mexico City

You know me most for lavish gourmet experiences, which I did plenty at Dulce Patria, Rosetta, Quintonil and Anatol, but I do greatly enjoy eating like a local, away from the award-winning restaurants and chefs. During my recent visit to Mexico City, I went out of the beaten path and enjoyer more than one option…

Carlos Melia - Mexico CityLa Casa de las Enchiladas. Located on a corner just across the street from the Four Seasons Hotel Mexico City in the district of Reforma. This was my first stop on my first day arriving to Mexico City. I was craving for a great enchilada, and indeed I found it, while killing some time before my meeting at Four Seasons Hotel.

Mercados sobre Ruedas. aka Market on Wheels in Polanco. This organic open market and bazaar, usually takes place on Saturday mornings, and you will see lots of locals flocking to the stalls on the streets, to enjoy a true Mexican breakfast. At Mercado sore Ruedas, everyone seems to walk the gourmet red-carpet.

Pasaje Polanco. A few block away from Mercado sobre Ruedas and steps away from my hotel Las Alcobas, I found this charming quiet street called ” Pasaje Polanco”. It is like a mirage in the city, with some small cafes and stores. If you want to step away from the hustle and bustle of the city and unwind over a cup of coffee, do as I do and take an hour of your schedule, to seat down and read your Mexico City Guide, to plan the rest of your trip.

One of the gourmet highlights without a doubt, was El Califa Taqueria. A local chain of Mexican food, featuring the most amazing Tacos, Chicharron de Queso, Nopales, Pastor and more… Restaurant I saved for my last night, the perfect way to close my visit to Mexico City. After dinner I took a long walk back to my hotel, to digest the many local delights I sampled going local in the city.

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