Easy Gay Friendly Getaways from San Diego

Published Date Author: , March 11th, 2015

Gay Las VegasWhile we’re lucky enough to live in such a beautiful tourist destination as San Diego, sometimes a slight change of pace is needed. Thankfully, there are multiple hot spots that are perfect for a three-day weekend getaway within a short drive or flight from San Diego.
If big cities top your list of must-sees, check out the bustling nightlife of Las Vegas, the fascinating culture of San Francisco or the Hollywood glamour of Los Angeles.

If you prefer a more mellow vacation, consider taking a tour of the wine country of Napa Valley and Sonoma, soak up the desert sun in Palm Springs or venture down south to Baja California. Here’s a brief overview of the highlights of each vacation destination:

Los Angeles

Looking for a weekend full of diverse activities? Hit the freeway and head north to Los Angeles. “Los Angeles offers dozens of tourist attractions with appeal across a broad range of tastes,” said Tim Heffley of LAtourist. “The mixture of cultures and lifestyles here inspires a vacation environment where anyone can feel comfortable.” Heffley recommends making West Hollywood your home base for the weekend. Not only is it the self-proclaimed gay center of Los Angeles, but it’s also conveniently located near popular tourist attractions, such as Hollywood Boulevard, Beverly Hills and the Getty Center.

By Abby Walker – Full Story at LGBT Weekly

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