Five Years Ago I Quit My Job to Travel the World

Published Date Author: , February 3rd, 2015

Dany - Globetrotter Girls

Last month I was talking to another blogger about our travels, our round-the-world trips and our travel blogging story, and during that conversation I realized that my five year anniversary of quitting my job would come up on 1 February. I told my friend ‘Five years ago, I would have never thought I’d be still traveling the world, and much less so that I’d be writing about it and making money from it!’ Later that night I thought about how true that statement actually was – I didn’t even know if I’d last a full year of traveling, and when I quit my job on 1 February 2010, I had no idea that I’d be documenting my travels here. I didn’t even know what a travel blog was! And yet, half a decade later, I am still traveling. So how did I got here?

The decision to quit

It had been a particularly long and dreary winter, the first year that London had seen a considerable amount of snow in years – and barely anyone I knew in London owned proper winter clothes (including me), because the winters are usually relatively mild compared to Continental Europe. My relationship was going through a rough patch, and I felt restless. I was turning thirty later that year and felt like something was missing in my life, but I couldn’t point a finger on what it was. I wasn’t happy in my job, but still, the decision to quit came completely on a whim.

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