What’s the Kinkiest US City?

Published Date Author: , January 28th, 2015

The answer may surprise you:

How exactly does one measure the kink-factor of a major metropolitan area? Surely there are prevailing opinions on the matter — San Francisco and New York come to mind first. But to celebrate the launch of Kink University (we’re still a little unclear on what that is), the aptly named purveyors of all thinks kink, Kink.com, went looking for the top ten kinkiest cities in America.

To reach their results, they examined “total kink population (as measured by active members on kink social network Fetlife), the percentage of the population that identifies as kinky, the number of kink-aware professionals (therapists, doctors, lawyers) listed on the NCSF’s excellent resource directory, and by the porn purchases of their inhabitants, using data from Kink.com.”

Portland, Oregon Skyline

#1: Portland: “Put a whip on it! With nearly 4% of it’s population logged on to kinky social networking site Fetlife, Portland has the highest percentage of kinksters per capita in the US — and is nearly as rich in resources for the BDSM, fetish and poly communities as much larger cities like San Francisco, New York and Chicago. It’s also become a leader in pushing the scene forward — it’s the home of influential kink blog, Leatherati, and it was local Portland artists who (for better or worse) launched the HealthGoth trend. The numbers speak for themselves. In a recent survey by the Portland Mercury, nearly 42% of Portland identified as something other than monogamous and 33% as something other than heterosexual. Just about the only metric that Portland scored low on was kinky porn consumption. But then again, it might be because they’re getting so much IRL. Congrats, Portland — sir.

Congrats, Portland – who knew?

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