The Top Gay Friendly Pools in the US

Published Date Author: , January 30th, 2015

London West Hollywood

Considering gay travel is an annual $200 billion industry, hotels are vying for our “pink dollars” with dedicated marketing initiatives, partnering with gay travel organizations like IGLTA, and reaching out to the community with gay-themed events and packages. Ultimately, travelers are often guided by a property’s LGBT reputation, whether a gay stamp (like a TAG-approved hotel), affiliation (sponsor in the local gay pride), or amenities offered, like a separate gay concierge.

There are some factors that are not LGBT specific, but they still convince thousands of gay travelers to book a room. One of these, although it’s seldom used as sole selling point, is having a gay-friendly pool, which has become important for the LGBT community in deciding which hotel to book.

Gay-owned hotels obviously wave a large rainbow flag (literally and figuratively) for their hotel pool, but several non-gay-owned hotels flaunt a pool that’s welcoming, social, and sexy. A gay-friendly pool is an indication that the hotel will be a fun and inviting place for LGBT travelers. “I always love it when I discover a hotel pool with a great, gay-friendly vibe,” says Andy Keown, director of communications for Visit West Hollywood. “I travel a lot for work and my fantasy getaway involves a pool scene with attractive people, good music, tropical drinks, and, of course, a pool where I feel welcome. It’s how I really decide on what hotel to book when I travel for business or pleasure.”

By Jimmy Im – Full Story at Passport Magazine

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