Purple Roofs LGBT Travel Newsletter 1/31/15

Published Date Author: , January 31st, 2015

Scott & MarkWelcome to the Purple Roofs LGBT travel newsletter.

We’ve got lots of great stuff for you this time – including feature articles on gay Madrid, gay Barcelona, and Dolly’s back maiking one of her Italian specialties! And our articles section has four parts – local news, general interest, travel event news, and sweepstakes and contests.

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Our Featured Articles This Month:

Carlos Melia - Madrid by BikeSPAIN: Biking Madrid
by Carlos Melia
The best decision take was to rent a public bicycle by BiciMAD and biked all over Madrid. The bikes are fantastic and electrically motorized, if you choose to use that feature. Great for a city like Madrid, with so many hills. Let early from the station locate right next to my hotel, the iconic Hotel Ritz by Belmond. A fantastic way to explore the city, at your own pace, having access to places and landmarks in a completely different way, which happen to be a marvelous day. The process is easy, just get your BiciMAD Card, get some credit and start biking. First stop was Puerta del Sol, Plaza Mayor, Almudena Cathedral, Royal Palace and Plaza Espana. From my last stops, I move on along Gran Via and La Castellana, to Paseo del Prado, the Royal Botanical Gardens, Atocha Train Station and Chueca. Make sure to park your bike every 28 minutes to avoid any extra charges.
Full Story

Madrid Restaurant - Carlos MeliaSPAIN: My Favorite Restaurants in Madrid
by Carlos Melia
I have been to Madrid countless times, and I even lived there for over two years. So each time I visit, it is recreating favorite gourmet experiences which include the high and lows. I always say, that my style of travel is as follows “… A backpacker during the day, exploring the city with no limits, and at night as a king, enjoying the luxury and sophistication…”. Here my list of favorite Gourmet experiences in Madrid, after my recent 72 hours stay over New Year. After biking around the city for the entire day, I made a technical stop at one of the main landmarks of Madrid, Plaza Mayor. I know, you will say ” How Touristic ” but over the years, this has always been my spot to enjoy a fantastic local lunch over a few Canas (beer).
Full Story

Sagrada Familia BarcelonaSPAIN: Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia
by Carlos Melia
This was not my first time in Barcelona, but yes indeed the first time spending almost two hours exploring inside-out, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Sagrada Familia. Right after my Facades and Architecture walk/tour along Paseo de Gracia and Av. Diagonal, I arrived right to Sagrada Familia, considered by many as the most famous landmark of Barcelona. Designed meticulously by the great architect Antoni Gaudi. This work of art has taken over 100 years to build and contains the finest architecture in the city. Construction continues and they estimate will come to full completion by 2026. Construction of Sagrada Familia had commenced in 1882 and Gaudi became involved in 1883, taking over the project and transforming it with his architectural and engineering style, combining Gothic and curvilinear Art Nouveau forms.
Full Story

Carlos Melia - BarcelonaSPAIN: Barcelona’s Modernist Facades and Architecture
by Carlos Melia
A morning exploring the Modernist facades, architecture and interior design of iconic on and off the beaten path of Barcelona by friends and colleagues at Rainbow Barcelona. From my hotel the Majestic Hotel & Spa all the way to Sagrada Familia by Paseo de Gracia and the Diagonal. A path I could have done by taxi or metro, I chose by their expert advise to do walking. Paying attention to unknown facts and details, I would have totally missed, if it would have been by their local perspective.
Full Story

Dolly's CakeBaking an Italian Specialty
by Dolly Goolsby
It is mid-winter. Cold, foggy, depressing. I had to think of something better to do with my days than going to bed, covering my head, and wait for nicer weather. Fortunately, I have a pretty busy schedule now, so that going to bed thing wasn’t going to happen, anyway. I wanted to try an Italian dessert recipe, cannoli cake, so my good friend, Susan, suggested we make one, just to see how it turned out. So often, I find recipes that intrigue me, with no idea of how these dishes are supposed to taste. In these cases, sometimes ignorance is bliss…the dish might taste really good to me, but bears no resemblance to what others, who are familiar to the dish, think it should be. Therefore, today Susan and I made a cannoli cake. Susan had told me, that growing up in Chicago, for her birthday each year, her family would order a cannoli cake from their favorite Italian bakery. So she knew what the cake should be.
Full Story

We also scour the web to bring you all the gay travel news we can find. You can see these posts on a daily basis at http://www.purpleroofs.com/gay-travel-blog, or sign up for our RSS feed. Here are some of our favorites from the last month.

Local Stories:

ARGENTINA: Passport Magazine’s Favorite Buenos Aires Neighborhoods
I’m going to take you on a tour of several places, places with names like Recoleta, San Telmo, Palermo, and La Boca.
Full Story

paANTIGUA: Lesbian Travel – Dickenson Bay Beach, Antigua
Dickenson Bay is the most accessible and conveniently located beach on the island and if you’re hunting for the fully loaded resort beach experience, it’s the perfect choice.
Full Story

Home of the iconic Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Bondi Beach, and not forgetting the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, Sydney seems to embody the best of everything that is quintessentially Australian.
Full Story

I finally visited Hong Kong! Hong Kong is one of the places I’ve been wanting to visit for years, and now one of the places where I am asking myself ‘Why didn’t I come here sooner?!’.
Full Story

DENMARK: Copenhagen Like a Local
I’ve stayed because… Copenhagen is a capital city that feels like a town, so you get the perks of being in a big city but none of the traffic, noise and hassle – you can ride your bike literally everywhere, all year round. Copenhagen is by far one of the most liveable places that I know of in the world.
Full Story

GERMANY: Berlin by Boat
Recently I was invited by Hannes from one of Berlin’s newest boat tour operators, Berlin Liquide, to experience an afternoon out on the River Spree.
Full Story

GERMANY: New Gay Tour Will Go to Auschwitz
The image is a little jarring. On the left, a bearded, shirtless guy in sunglasses stands on a beach, the Israeli flag reflected in his mirrored aviators. On the right, a pink Star of David hovers over an ancient building in Prague.
Full Story

SWEDEN: Lesbian Travel: Surprising Stockholm
Having traveled to dozens of countries and hundreds of cities over the past five years, it is getting harder and harder to find places that surprise me.
Full Story

Northern Ireland teems with castles, ancient sites, and natural beauty.
Full Story

USA: What’s the Kinkiest US City?
How exactly does one measure the kink-factor of a major metropolitan area?
Full Story

USA, CALIFORNIA: Six Awesome Los Angeles Neighborhoods
Los Angeles has so many unique neighborhoods — or, as we who are in the know like to call them, “enclaves” — that you could spend years getting to know each one. But where to begin?
Full Story

USA, CALIFORNIA: Gay Los Angeles Getaways
And here’s a history question for you: Why did the movie industry settle in Los Angeles? If you’ve spent any time in and around the City of Angels, you probably know the answer.
Full Story

USA, LOUISIANA: Mardi Gras in New Orleans
The city of New Orleans is known for its delicious food, world-famous cocktails, and, of course, wild Mardi Gras celebrations.
Full Story

USA, NEW YORK: Audrey Hepburn Mural in New York’s Little Italy
The Audrey Hepburn mural in Little Italy, New York is something that you won’t pass without pausing or stopping by to admire it’s bold play of colours that attracts pedestrians to take a picture or two.
Full Story

USA, NEW YORK: When to Visit the 911 Memorial
The only place in New York City where taking a selfie with a smile on your face is absurd (or frowned upon by me) is the 9/11 Memorial, former site of the city’s World Trade Center Twin Towers.
Full Story

USA, NEW YORK: Central Park in the Snow
Before I left New York, I had the chance to visit its Central Park one early morning on snowy day.
Full Story

General Interest Stories:

Trending Places To Visit 2015
Contemplating over how to use those frequent flyer miles this year? After compiling our popular list of incredible Out Adventures to experience before you die, we thought we’d come up some ideas of where to get started on that goal, this year.
Full Story

The Top Gay Friendly Pools in the US
Considering gay travel is an annual $200 billion industry, hotels are vying for our “pink dollars” with dedicated marketing initiatives, partnering with gay travel organizations like IGLTA, and reaching out to the community with gay-themed events and packages.
Full Story

Seven LGBT Holocaust Memorials
For Holocaust Memorial Day , PinkNews looks at some of the monuments for gay and lesbian victims of the Holocaust that are in place across the world.
Full Story

Sunny Destinations for LGBT Seniors
Even more than in the mainstream world, most ads and visuals that promote LGBT travel feature a bevy of fresh, youthful faces.
Full Story

Gay Mardi Gras
Gay Mardi Gras is conundrum wrapped in an enigma shrouded in mystery with a side of bafflement sprinkled with bitterness and devil-may-care. It’s also a little elusive.
Full Story

Venere Travel Map Ranks Safety Risks for LGBT Travelers
Openly gay visitors are being made far from welcome in many up-and-coming holiday destinations, including Morocco – where in 2015, tourists still risk imprisonment.
Full Story

The Accidental Expat
One of the most popular questions (here’s the full list, if you’re curious) I get from followers and friends is about my choice for staying in Berlin long-term. How did I choose Berlin? Why did I want to stay? Why haven’t I returned to the USA?
Full Story

Nine Dino Destinations to Whet Your “Jurassic Park” Appetite
Can’t wait for the Jurassic Park sequel, “Jurassic World,” to hit theaters in June? Have your own prehistoric adventure at one of these fun-packed dinosaur destinations.
Full Story

Past Events:

CANADA, QUEBEC: Montreal’s Divers/Cite
The night air had cooled, a contrast from earlier in the day when the summer sun soared high and bright overhead. Around me, a crowd (mostly gay, mostly male, mostly shirtless) undulated to a deep, rolling bass line heaved at us from onstage by European house duo Chus & Ceballos.
Full Story

Upcoming Event News:

WORLDWIDE: Gay Ski Weeks Around the Globe
With much of the northern hemisphere in the grip of winter, one of the best ways of breaking up the endless months of cold weather and long nights is to plan an expedition to the snow – there is no better time to hit the slopes and the apres-ski than during a gay ski week.
Full Story

USA: Six Sexy Gay Events for 2015
You may be staring at your diary for 2015 and looking for a bit of inspiration. Which countries around the world haven’t you been to? Which cities haven’t you ticked off yet? Which parties are attracting your attention?
Full Story

AUSTRALIA, NEW SOUTH WALES: Dates Announced for the 2015 Sydney Mardi Gras
(Feb 20-Mar 8) The 2015 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Festival promises 17 days of parties and events from Friday 20 February to Sunday 8 March next year.
Full Story

AUSTRALIA, NEW SOUTH WALES: Sydney Mardi Gras Film Festival Announces First 10 Films for 2015
(Feb 19-Mar 5) A sexy DJ on the run in the outback, a lesbian version of Rosemary’s Baby, and a respected transgender teacher in Honolulu are just some of the captivating stories lighting up the silver screen for the Mardi Gras Film Festival (MGFF) in Sydney in 2015.
Full Story

AUSTRALIA, NEW SOUTH WALES: Sydney Mardi Gras Film Festival Announces 2015 Line-Up
(Feb 19-Mar 5) From ballerinas to roller derby players, rodeo cowboys to surf lifesavers, and everything in between, the organizers of the 22nd Sydney Mardi Gras Film Festival say they aim to deliver the best in LGBTI cinema in 2015.
Full Story

BRAZIL: Lesbian Surf Camp Coming to Brazil
(May 9-16) The first ever lesbian surf camp in South American will get girls sharing their uniqueness in Santa Catarina, Brazil, between May 9th-16th.
Full Story

CANADA, ALBERTA: Wicked White Winter in Jasper, Alberta
(Mar 19-22) The theme of the 6th annual Jasper Pride Festival will be Wicked White Winter, standing for the “Wicked White Winter Wonderland” that is Jasper.
Full Story

CANADA, ALBERTA: International Gay and Lesbian Aquatics Championships Comes to Edmonton in 2016
(Aug 8-14) Edmonton will be the site of the largest gay sporting event in Alberta history next year when it hosts the International Gay and Lesbian Aquatics championships.
Full Story

FRANCE: Queernaval to Launch in Nice, France in February
(Feb 27) Fluff up your feathers, stock up on glitter and get that headdress sorted – a new gay and lesbian carnival, or ‘Queernaval,’ is to launch in Nice, France next year.
Full Story

UK, ENGLAND: Brighton Pride Announces 2015 Theme
(Aug) Britain’s favorite seaside LGBTI festival, Brighton Pride, has chosen its theme to celebrate its 25th anniversary.
Full Story

USA: Snowmosexuals – Your Season is Here
The cliche is that gay folks have great bodies they love to show off in the summer with skimpy bikinis. That’s false. Many, many gays also have great bodies they like to cover in ugly sweaters while showing their prowess shushing down the slopes.
Full Story

USA, CALIFORNIA: The Dinah Celebrates 25 Years
(Apr 1-5) Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend is turning twenty-five and taking the event to a new zenith.
Full Story

USA, LOUISIANA: Month by Month Guide to Gay New Orleans 2015
(Jan-Dec 2015) When southern charm, a storied history and wild abandon collide, there’s absolutely no mistaking what city you’re in.
Full Story

USA, MASSACHUSETTS: Women in Travel Summit Planned for Boston in March
(Mar 27-29) Go Girl Travel Network has officially launched its preliminary schedule for the second annual Women in Travel Summit (WITS).
Full Story

Contests and Sweepstakes:

Win a Trip With Detours Travel
(Enter by Jan 31) Intrepid travellers could win a trip to Peru, Thailand, Costa Rica or Greece with a new giveaway from gay tour operators Detours Travel.
Full Story

CURACAO: Win Five Nights in the Caribbean at the Floris Suite Hotel
(Enter by Apr 1) We have some exciting news for the next sweepstakes – PurpleRoofs.com is teaming up with Gaycation Magazine to bring you our first contest prize from Curacao in the Caribbean, at the Floris Suite Hotel.Full Story

USA, California: Win a Dream Trip to Palm Springs
(Enter by Jun 30) GRAND PRIZE: Choice of: Three-night stay at POSH Palm Springs, Three-night stay at Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs or Three-night stay at Queen of Hearts Resort.
Full Story

Gay Travel Events – The List:

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