Seven LGBT Holocaust Memorials

Author: , January 30th, 2015

Castro Holocaust Memorial

For Holocaust Memorial Day , PinkNews looks at some of the monuments for gay and lesbian victims of the Holocaust that are in place across the world.

Earlier today, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg become the first party leader to back the inclusion of the symbols of gay oppression to be included in the National Holocaust Memorial.He told PinkNews: “The symbol of the pink triangle, once intended as a badge of shame, today stands as an international symbol of freedom and pride. From the dark shadow of history rises a neon emblem of diversity and hope. “Any memorial remembering the Holocaust should recognise the persecution of non-Jewish victims whilst maintaining the centrality of the six million murdered Jews.”

Though the UK does not currently have a permanent memorial for gay Holocaust victims, there are currently a number of others around the world.

By Nick Duffy – Full Story at Pink News

Sunny Destinations for LGBT Seniors

Author: , January 30th, 2015

womanEven more than in the mainstream world, most ads and visuals that promote LGBT travel feature a bevy of fresh, youthful faces. But statistically, one in eight Americans (12.8 percent in 2009) and nearly one in six Canadians (an estimated 15.2 percent in 2010) are 65 or older. With the tourism industry seemingly focused on the young, where is an older LGBT person to go when temperatures sink up north and it’s time for some winter sun?

Well, ads for gay getaways are not always completely ageist. There is one sector of the travel world that does take the needs of grey gays into account. Cruise lines have always courted older customers, and that holds true in the LGBT arena. Gay men are spoiled, with a flotilla of enticing options to choose from.

The very active, international Prime Timers social organization for older gay men was founded back in 1987 and runs various annual events, including a popular Labour Day getaway in Oklahoma City, a biennial worldwide convention (next on in Las Vegas in October 2015) and a slew of groups on cruise ships, such as January 2015’s Western Caribbean cruise and November 2015’s Friends and Family Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand cruise.

By Aefa Mulholland – Full Story at Xtra

Six Awesome Los Angeles Neighborhoods

Author: , January 30th, 2015

Los Angeles - Apple MapsLos Angeles has so many unique neighborhoods — or, as we who are in the know like to call them, “enclaves” — that you could spend years getting to know each one. But where to begin?

Since Los Angeles is a large metropolis made up of many areas (including incorporated cities like West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and Santa Monica), each neighborhood has its own diverse vibe and group of people.

Here are some of our favorites…

Abbot Kinney/Venice

Who needs the beach when you’ve got Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice? Especially if you like to shop but don’t want to be bombarded with a bunch of crappy chain stores. Dining? There’s everything from great pizza to coffee to more upscale culinary choices. The west side’s best gay bar, The Roosterfish, is also here. There are lots of bikes and even more pedestrians, many with dogs, many with guitars. If you want to cross paths with a Venice hipster or brooding-but-sexy artist type, this is where you’ll find him.

Full Story at Gay Cities | Los Angeles Gay Travel Resources

Featured Gay Friendly Accommodations: Villa Tupinetti, Sitges, Catalunya, Spain

Author: , January 30th, 2015

Villa Tupinetti

Periodically we’ll feature one of our properties here to let our readers know about some great gay friendly places to stay.

Your Place for a Idyllic Holidays in Sitges: A welcoming House from the 60’s, with all the current commodities and the vintage charm (furniture and decoration). In second line in front of the sea, in one of the best areas in Sitges. Solarium. 108,99 meters from the beach.10 minutes’ walk from the centre of town. wi-fi.

See the Villa Tupinetti Expanded Listing on Purple Roofs Here

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Lesbian Travel: Surprising Stockholm

Author: , January 29th, 2015

Stockholm, Sweden - Photo via Globetrotter Girls

Having traveled to dozens of countries and hundreds of cities over the past five years, it is getting harder and harder to find places that surprise me. When I took the ferry from Helsinki to Stockholm for a quick weekend getaway in Sweden’s capital, I sure didn’t think that Stockholm would surprise me, but there were several things that I didn’t expect. And: I also didn’t expect to love Stockholm as much as I did, to be honest! I am already thinking about a return trip and how I can work Stockholm into my summer travel plans. I’ll tell you more about my weekend in Stockholm shortly, but here are ten things that surprised me:

1. Stockholm is spread out over 14 Islands

I knew that there was a lot of water around Stockholm, but I had no idea that the city was in fact sitting on 14 islands! These islands, located at the mouth of Lake Maelaren, which eventually flows into the Baltic Sea, are all very close together and connected by 57 (!) bridges, and you can walk from island to island. Gamla Stan is the oldest one of them, the place where the first settlements of Stockholm were built in the 14th century. Stockholm actually translates ‘log island’ (‘Stock’ in Swedish is ‘log’, and ‘holm’ means ‘island). ‘In Stockholm, you’re never far from the waterfront’, one of our local guides told me, and for someone like me who loves the water, that makes the already beautiful city even more attractive to me. And if 14 islands aren’t enough for you: the entire Stockholm archipelago is made out of 30,000 islands.

By Dani – Full Story at Globetrotter Girls | Sweden Gay Travel Resources

Gay Los Angeles Getaways

Author: , January 29th, 2015

Las Vegas - Caesar's PalaceAnd here’s a history question for you: Why did the movie industry settle in Los Angeles? If you’ve spent any time in and around the City of Angels, you probably know the answer.

Weather is the first reason. (Obviously.) But more important was the fact that every conceivable locale could be driven to in two hours or less. Whether a required snow, a jungle, a farm, the beach, or something that resembled small-town America — it was all nearby.

Which is why a trip to gay Los Angeles provides so many opportunities for day trips and weekend getaways. Here are some of our favorites. Not all are two hours or less, but you’re probably not making a movie, so just go and enjoy.

Paso Robles

Who needs Napa Valley when there’s a wine-lover’s paradise on California’s Central Coast that’s only four hours from L.A.? This quaint and friendly place with a small-town vibe (population 30,000) has over 200 wineries that are nestled amid rolling hills, hot springs, and ranches with real-life cowboys. Tour a vineyard or an olive orchard, then sample a few of the more than 150 local cheeses. Or for a more upscale adventure, book a private wine tour with a certified Sommelier. It’ll set you back some coin, but making your friends back home envious is priceless. As an added bonus, Paso is close to Hearst Castle and the San Miguel Mission, both of which are worth the journey.

By Winston Gieseke – Full Story at Queerty | Los Angeles Gay Travel Resources

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Northern Ireland on a Budget

Author: , January 29th, 2015

Northern ireland - photo by Steve LareseNorthern Ireland teems with castles, ancient sites, and natural beauty. After you’ve explored Belfast, set off to see the stunning landscape and history of the rest of this beautiful land. Here are just a few Northern Ireland attractions that are as inexpensive as they are impressive.

History & Culture

Of all of Northern Ireland’s many treasures, the Giant’s Causeway is perhaps its most beloved. This geologic site consists of 60 million-year-old basalt columns that cooled into perfectly hexagonal patterns. And music fans will recognize the site from Led Zeppelin’s 1973 “Houses of the Holy” cover. Geology aside, Irish mythology says that the natural columns are actually the remains of a bridge built by folklore hero Finn McCool to reach a rival giant in Scotland. The UNESCO also site sports a state-of-the-art welcome center that opened in 2012 to get you situated. #8.50 (about $12.89).

The Dark Hedges in County Ballymoney is a must-visit in Northern Ireland, only gaining more popularity after being featured in an episode of Game of Thrones. Here, beech trees are planted two centuries along Bregagh Road as a dramatic entry to Gracehill House. The area is free to visit — though it’s said to be haunted.

By Steve Larese – Full Story at Shermans Travel | Northern Ireland Gay Travel Resources

Featured Gay Accommodations: Rio Encantado, Caldera, Panama

Author: , January 29th, 2015


Periodically we’ll feature one of our properties here to let our readers know about some great gay friendly places to stay.

Best Nature Resort & Weather in Chiriqui: A 100 acre Nature Resort on both sides of the Caldera River located 15 min. from Boquete and out of the strong wind and misty rain that is a constant in the Boquete mountains. We have 4 fully furnished private cottages, a 30 x 60 ft pool, fully furnished Rancho on the river and next to the pool.

See the Rio Encantado Expanded Listing on Purple Roofs Here

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Sydney Like a Local

Author: , January 28th, 2015

Sydney - Apple MapsHome of the iconic Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Bondi Beach, and not forgetting the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, Sydney seems to embody the best of everything that is quintessentially Australian.

24 year-old Sam Hawli was born and raised in Sydney. We caught up with him for his tips on how to get the most out of your visit…

What are some of the best things about living in Sydney?

The diversity of people, cultures and food. The beauty of the city. The range of choices we have for beaches. The work hard, play harder lifestyle. It truly is the city of opportunities.

By Gareth Johnson – Full Story at SOURCE | Sydney Gay Travel Resources

Image via Apple Maps

Biking Madrid

Author: , January 28th, 2015

Carlos Melia - Madrid by Bike

The best decision take was to rent a public bicycle by BiciMAD and biked all over Madrid. The bikes are fantastic and electrically motorized, if you choose to use that feature. Great for a city like Madrid, with so many hills. Let early from the station locate right next to my hotel, the iconic Hotel Ritz by Belmond.

A fantastic way to explore the city, at your own pace, having access to places and landmarks in a completely different way, which happen to be a marvelous day. The process is easy, just get your BiciMAD Card, get some credit and start biking. First stop was Puerta del Sol, Plaza Mayor, Almudena Cathedral, Royal Palace and Plaza Espana.

From my last stops, I move on along Gran Via and La Castellana, to Paseo del Prado, the Royal Botanical Gardens, Atocha Train Station and Chueca. Make sure to park your bike every 28 minutes to avoid any extra charges.

From I moved on back to Jardines de Sabatini, and from there all the way down Cuesta de San Vicente to the newest landmark of development Madrid RIO, along Rio Manzanares. I mean, who knew Madrid was crossed by a river ? Did you know that Madrid comes from Arabic roots “al-majrit” meaning “the water channel”. A promenade along the Rio Manzanares extending for over 4 miles, right next to the district of Casa de Campo.

Back to Plaza Mayor, to enjoy a local lunch at one of my favorite restaurants at EBOLI. Great way to relax, stretch my legs and enjoy some local delights.

Next and final stop after biking along Cibeles, Palacio de Cibeles and Puerta de Alcala, was Parque del Retiro, beginning by my favorite entrance the Felipe IV gate. From there to Palacio de Crystal “Crystal Palace”, the statue of the Fallen Angel and the monument to Alfonso XII. BTW.!!!

Did you know that the Statue of the Fallen Angel or the Dark Angel, was thought to be for many years the only of its kind depicting Lucifer. The truth is, that there are two others around the world, one in Italy and the other one in New York. Funny enough, the exact altitude where the statue is located is 666 mts. over sea level. The number of the beast. Coincidence ?

From there, only blocks away, back to my hotel the Hotel Ritz by Belmond, to relax and get ready for drinks at Velazquez Bar followed by dinner at Goya Restaurant. Indeed, don’t you agree with me, it has been a marvelous day.

By Carlos melia – Full Story at The Carlos Melia Blog | Madrid Gay Travel Resources