Northern Ireland on a Budget

Published Date Author: , January 29th, 2015

Northern ireland - photo by Steve LareseNorthern Ireland teems with castles, ancient sites, and natural beauty. After you’ve explored Belfast, set off to see the stunning landscape and history of the rest of this beautiful land. Here are just a few Northern Ireland attractions that are as inexpensive as they are impressive.

History & Culture

Of all of Northern Ireland’s many treasures, the Giant’s Causeway is perhaps its most beloved. This geologic site consists of 60 million-year-old basalt columns that cooled into perfectly hexagonal patterns. And music fans will recognize the site from Led Zeppelin’s 1973 “Houses of the Holy” cover. Geology aside, Irish mythology says that the natural columns are actually the remains of a bridge built by folklore hero Finn McCool to reach a rival giant in Scotland. The UNESCO also site sports a state-of-the-art welcome center that opened in 2012 to get you situated. #8.50 (about $12.89).

The Dark Hedges in County Ballymoney is a must-visit in Northern Ireland, only gaining more popularity after being featured in an episode of Game of Thrones. Here, beech trees are planted two centuries along Bregagh Road as a dramatic entry to Gracehill House. The area is free to visit — though it’s said to be haunted.

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