Copenhagen Like a Local

Published Date Author: , January 31st, 2015

Lasse Skole HansenI’ve lived here since… November 2005.

I’ve stayed because… Copenhagen is a capital city that feels like a town, so you get the perks of being in a big city but none of the traffic, noise and hassle – you can ride your bike literally everywhere, all year round. Copenhagen is by far one of the most liveable places that I know of in the world.

My favourite queer bar has to be… Masken, for kicking off the night with drinks, then on to Cosy Bar for the first dance and finally Never Mind, for dancing until my feet ache. If I had to pick one of the above, Never Mind takes the crown, for its DJ perching on an actual pulpit.

Here in Copenhagen, we always look forward to… Spring. In Copenhagen we have really long and dark winters, so as soon as springtime arrives everyone flocks to the parks and cafes in their shorts even though it’s still technically freezing – this has always been such an endearing habit that Copenhageners have.

By Jamie Tabberer – Full Story at Gay Star News | Denmark Gay Travel Resources

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