Central Park in the Snow

Published Date Author: , January 21st, 2015

Central Park in the Snow - Alain Sojourner

Before I left New York, I had the chance to visit its Central Park one early morning on snowy day. I intended to really go early (Is 8 a.m. early to you?) because the weather forecast that day said it’s gonna be snowing only from 6-10.

When I arrived there, I went straight right away to The Mall–because I’ve seen stunning photos of it carpeted in snow. However, I was kinda disappointed-the snow wasn’t really enough to make the place stunning and Park staff had already started de-snowing the area. Obviously, I was late to arrive. There were also few photographers strolling around, looking for the unique, perfect spot to photograph.

By Alain – Full Story at The Sojourner | New York City Gay Travel Resources

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