Kenya Believe It? Part 1 – Musings & Mosquitoes

Published Date Author: , December 4th, 2014

Katie Boyden in kenyaWriter, filmmaker, intrepid traveler, (recently-heartbroken) lesbian, and stupidly fearless risk-taker Katie Boyden journeyed to Kenya in the summer of 2014 to direct a documentary on the incredible work of the Fiat Lux Foundation which builds eye hospitals in the developing world.

Along with this quite noble cause, Katie got herself into more than a few ridiculous scenarios and shenanigans while traipsing around Africa through operating rooms and savannas, bouncing down dirt roads in jeeps and vans, and flying in one particularly tiny aircraft that she doesn’t even think counts as an actual plane. Think of it as sort of an extreme version of “Eat, Pray, Love.” These are her stories.

(Some names have been changed)

08/10/14, Kisii, Kenya, Unfanisi Resort, – 12:36am

I am at war with the mosquitos. And they are winning.

It all started after Brad left my room for the night. We had been discussing philosophies of life, travel, world history, adventure stories, and so on, over a few glasses of scotch–everything you would expect in a conversation between two naively spontaneous filmmakers who had found themselves in way over their heads after jumping at the chance to make a documentary on an eye clinic in a remote part of western Kenya.

By Katie Boyden – Full Story at SheWired | Kenya Gay Travel Resources

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