Bolivia on the Shores of Lake Titicaca

Published Date Author: , December 21st, 2014

Dany at Lake Titicaca

When we met Don Hilario, we were dead tired. We had already walked 15 kilometers, at an altitude of 12,600 feet. This random encounter, (which wasnt so random after all), was exactly what we needed to keep us going for the last five kilometers of the hike.

The old Bolivian campesino who lives right on the shore of Lake Titicaca doesnt get to see foreigners very often. So when he does, dont expect to be let off the hook any time soon. Our Lonely Planet guidebook, even though mostly unreliable in South America, was spot on in this case when it briefly mentioned you might run into an odd character named Don Hilario on the hike to Yampupata.

Yampupata itself is not really a tourist destination, a sleepy village on the lake shore, which is why there arent many unknown faces passing through here. And even though the village is connected to Copacabana, the closest town, via a dusty dirt road, it is far enough to let you forget that you were anywhere near a larger settlement. Out here, the lake shore farmers and fishermen live pretty much the same way they did fifty years ago.

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