Planning a Girlfriend Getaway

Published Date Author: , November 11th, 2014

SuitcaseFeeling the need to get away with your BFF’s? No kids. No significant others. Admit it, there’s nothing better than late night pajama and wine parties with your girlfriends. But where to go? Beach or city, boutique hotel or all-inclusive resort? Spa retreat, culinary getaway or a weekend jam-packed with retail therapy?

Have no fear, girlfriend. We’ve compiled a no-nonsense step-by-step guide to planning your next girlfriend getaway. Follow these steps and you’ll soon be setting off on a vacation that’s designed to give you more time exploring, kibitzing and making memories.

Choose Tour Friends

Who you travel with can make or break the success of your getaway – there’s no grey area here. Some of your friends will plan every detail in advance, while others feel anything more than flight and hotel reservations is excessive. In the end, a girlfriend getaway is about being together as friends, but flexibility and a good sense of humor are good pre-screeners when choosing travel buddies.

Talk Budget

Once you’ve chosen your getaway chums, clarify your collective and individual budgets. This won’t be an easy discussion but being honest about money now will reduce a lot of tension later. Will you travel according to star ratings or the best online deal you can find? You might see your group size diminish, but it may open an opportunity for someone else to join.

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