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Published Date Author: , November 26th, 2014

Ultimate Kauai GuidebookHere is a resource we found helpful during our visit to the Kauai – it’s our bible for things to do on the island. Please remember that the advice in any listed resources is AYOR.

The Ultimate Kauai Guidebook

This is our favorite guidebook series. While not a gay guide, these books are beautiful, featuring tons of full color photos, and are easy to thumb through to find great, interesting places and things to see all over the island.

Another big plus – these books, unlike most of the books we’ve seen, detail the mile markers on the highways where you can find each of these sights – a huge help in a place like Hawaii that’s not big in street numbering.

Pick up this book before you go, or stop by a bookstore on-island to get a copy after you arrive. Borders in Lihue at the Kukui Grove senter usually carries them.

Kaua’i is a fantastic, mystical place that changes everyone who visits it. Be careful coming here the first time – it may get into your blood. Farewell, Kaua’i, until next time.

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