Tuscany’s Most Picturesque Hilltop Town: Volterra

Published Date Author: , October 18th, 2014

Volterra - Adam GroffmanLast year I spent a few days traveling around Tuscany but I realize I didn’t share much from the journey. The reason? It wasn’t my favorite place. I didn’t actually spend any time in Florence, the capital of Tuscany, but instead traveled to Pisa and some nearby villas and small hilltop towns. I was stuck with unfortunate weather during the October trip, so rather than experiencing lush, green, rolling hills, there were a lot of grey skies, muddy pathways and cold, wet days.

In the end, Tuscany left me feeling slightly disappointed. I think all the expectations (thank you very much Eat, Pray, Love) were just too high. And while I had a perfectly nice trip, Tuscany as a destination just didn’t “wow” me as I was expecting. I’m not ready to write off the destination, though. I know I’ll have to visit Florence again (that city is just too pretty not to see more than once!).

And I’m sure there are more towns and places worth visiting — especially since I’ve become a bit of an Italian food aficionado! But having now visited Tuscany on at least two separate trips, I think I’m ready to explore other parts of Italy.

This article was written by Adam Groffman, author of the internationally popular travel blog, Travels of Adam. Read more here: Tuscany’s Most Picturesque Hilltop Town: Volterra.

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