Tips for Gay and Lesbian Travelers in Egypt

Published Date Author: , October 30th, 2014

EgyptEGYPTIANS have a somewhat schizophrenic attitude toward homosexuality. On the one hand, homosexuality is considered deviant and gay men are discriminated against; on the other hand, sexual relations between men are often ignored as harmless. The upside of the situation is that gay men can enjoy a variety of casual sexual encounters with relative ease. The downside is that, once identified as a homosexual, a visitor may experience discrimination and face problems with the police.

Lesbians, meanwhile, have no public profile as a group, and there is no “scene” as such. Because of this, couples can hold hands in public — this is what friends do in Egypt — but any further display of affection is not recommended.

You should also be aware that the security services actively work against the gay community. Cases of entrapment followed by detention and torture are regularly documented by human rights groups such as Human Rights Watch. Websites such as are routinely monitored by the security services, and chat groups are used to set up fake meetings.

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