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Published Date Author: , October 24th, 2014

Scott & MarkWelcome to the Purple Roofs LGBT travel newsletter.

We’ve got lots of other great stuff for you this time, too – including some great feature articles: Italian Cooking Class; Sorrento, Italy; Phuket Pride; and Hermann, Missouri. And our articles section has four parts – local news, general interest, travel event news, and sweepstakes and contests.

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My Gay Friendly Italy

My Gay Friendly Italy

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The hotels we include are mostly historic homes or small regional hotels. Restaurants are usually family owned with local, fresh food and offer regional cuisine. We arrange for private licensed guides allowing us to explore each town with knowledge and flexibility.

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Our Featured Articles This Month:

Italian Cooking Class - Dolly GoolsbyITALY: Dolly Goes to an Italian Cooking School
by Dolly Goolsby
I am so enjoying this southern Italy city of Sorrento. The food is so fresh and wonderful. I decided it would be a good thing for me to learn to cook like the people do here. There are many schools, and deciding which one to attend was not an easy task. I finally went to the information center in town, and they found a place for me for the following day. As with many things in Italy, I came out of the information center with just a promise that someone would pick me up at my hotel the next morning and take me to the class. I did not even know the name of the school, but is did know how much it was cost, and the price was reasonable. Sure enough, Friday morning, almost on time, this young man drove up to the hotel to get me. He had 2 others people in the car already, so we set off for the class. (Actually, the drive there was so entertaining, that it is worth a blog post on its own.)
Full Story

Sorrento - Dolly GoolsbyITALY: My Last Day in Sorrento
by Dolly Goolsby
Oh, I have such a bundle of mixed feelings: in one part of my heart there is joy that I am going home, and will see my friends and family once again. I have one great-granddaughter, Natalee, that I haven’t met yet, so that will be a happy experience to be able to meet her. Then another great-granddaughter, Aurielle, who must have grown so much since I last saw her, it will be fun to get re-acquainted. Plus all the other family members, and Frank, who has the patience of a saint, to encourage my travels, and is always there for me. Yes, I will be happy to be home, for these reasons. However, the biggest part of my heart always remains in Italy. I am sad to leave, as there are still so many places I haven’t been, and so many places where I want to return. Yes, I admit it. I have been very fortunate to be able to travel like I do, and I suppose I am a bit spoiled. I know I will come back to Italy, so I will try not to be too sad.
Full Story

Phuket PrideTHAILAND: Phuket Pride Coming 10/21/14
On 19th October 2014 – 6 months before the week begins, The Phuket Loves You Club (PLU) officially launched Phuket Pride week 2015. Although the dates have been published since the end of Pride week 2014, the PLU have now launched two web banners and announced the 2015 theme ‘Freedom to Live’ the full explanation is shown on their web site which contains the following extracts: “In Thailand, individuals who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT) experience many daily challenges not experienced by non-LGBT residents. They are often labelled as being promiscuous, self-indulgent and deserving of little respect. So we hope that during Phuket Pride week 2015, all LGBT residents and tourists of Phuket can come and celebrate their right to live their lives as they wish and to be proud of being who they were born to be.
Full Story

Hermannhof BuildingUSA, MISSOURI: Traveling in Our Fabulous Gay World: Hermann, Missouri: A Very Interesting Town, Part Two
by Donald & Ray
Hermann, Mo. has several wineries in the area. Here is some very important history on Hermann and the wineries: Hermann BarrelsIn 1837 a band of German settlers from Philadelphia arrived at the site of their new colony expecting a land of milk and honey. Instead, they stepped off the last steamboat of the season into a howling wilderness. Inspired by the tangles of wild vines that covered the craggy hillsides, the resourceful Germans planted grapes and began making wine. This golden era came to an abrupt and bitter end in 1919 with passage of the Volstead Act. Prohibition was an unmitigated disaster for Hermann, which like the rest of Missouri felt the full fury of the temperance movement. Hatchet-wielding Carry Nation was from neighboring Kansas, where Civil War animosity still ran high. Local lore has it that the streets ran red as wine barrels were emptied and then destroyed. Even the vineyards were uprooted. A renaissance began in 1965 when Stone Hill Winery reopened 30 years after the repeal of Prohibition. Today, Missouri is home to dozens of
Full Story

We also scour the web to bring you all the gay travel news we can find. You can see these posts on a daily basis at http://www.purpleroofs.com/gay-travel-blog, or sign up for our RSS feed. Here are some of our favorites from the last month.

Local Stories:

CHINA: Exploring Shanghai’s Gayborhood
Hey there, queermosexuals! If the number of housewarming parties in the past month or so is any indication, it’s time to upgrade your place of residence.
Full Story

CHINA: Community Marketing Releases First China LGBT Travel Survey
Community Marketing and Insights has released their results of the 1st China LGBT Community Survey. The survey tacked demographics, the concept of being ‘out’, travel and communications in the largest LGBT market currently in the world. Here are some of their findings.
Full Story

COSTA RICA / NICARAGUA: Costa Rica and Nicaragua in One Trip
Long known as a mecca for surfers and sun-seekers, Costa Rica is, has been, and always will be a hotspot.
Full Story

FRANCE: Inflatable Christmas Tree Art Draws Protest in Paris
Anti-gay activists in Paris are protesting a giant inflatable Christmas tree – because it looks too much like a butt plug. The 80ft (24m) high inflatable sculpture was erected this week by LA-based artist Paul McCarthy, in Place Vendome, near Paris city centre.
Full Story

GERMANY: Visiting Berlin’s Lesbians-Only Cemetery
If lesbians can go through hell together, they should be allowed to share heaven, too.
Full Story

ITALY: Attend Gelato University in Bologna
The mention of Bologna and food typically conjures images of spaghetti – Spaghetti Bolognese to be precise.
Full Story

ITALY: The World’s Most Beautiful Man Is In Italy
Earlier this year there was either a law passed or a minister in Italy who said photographs could be taken in the country’s many museums, including the Accademia Gallery — home of Michelangelo’s David.
Full Story

ITALY: Tuscany’s Most Picturesque Hilltop Town: Volterra
Last year I spent a few days traveling around Tuscany but I realize I didn’t share much from the journey.
Full Story

KOREA: Gay Seoul
As my partner John and I settle into a dining room at The Plaza in Seoul, Korea, the hotel’s public relations manager, Nayhe Kim, leans into the table and says, sotto voce: “I have to admit, I’m a little surprised. Do Americans really come to Seoul on vacation?”
Full Story

MOROCCO: How to Visit Morocco as a Gay Man
I can only feel sympathy and solidarity with Ray Cole and his partner.
Full Story

MONTENEGRO: Second Pride Celebration Will Be Held in Secret
Montenegro’s second ever Pride is set to be held in secret this year after the last event ended with 60 injured in violent anti-gay attacks.
Full Story

SWEDEN: Twelve Romantic Places in Stockholm
Whether you’re a Stockholm local, or heading to the Swedish capital for a weekend trip, follow these tips and you’re sure to get some.
Full Story

TAIWAN: Bubble Tea
In Taiwan, where bubble tea was invented, making this beverage is much more complicated than simply adding tapioca pearls, sugar, and ice to a glass of tea.
Full Story

UK, ENGLAND: The Magic of London
London, one of my favorite cities in the world. I lived there briefly in 2006 and these days, living in Europe, I visit it frequently.
Full Story

USA, CALIFORNIA: Murals in San Francisco’s Mission District
The murals in Mission District in San Francisco are one of the things you shouldn’t miss to explore when you’re visiting the city. These murals are larger than life and many of them are labors of love from the artist to the community.
Full Story

USA, TENNESSEE: As a Gay Travel Destination
Tennessee is probably not the first place that comes to mind when planning a big gay holiday, but let’s think about this for a minute. Dolly Parton. Check!
Full Story

General Interest Stories:

Nine Options for Your 2015 Wine Bucket List
There’s nothing wrong with booking a holiday solely for the sake of soaking up some booze, especially if it means exposing yourself to new wines and new destinations that weren’t on your radar before.
Full Story

Ten Things to Know About Gay Bars
As a Castro bartender at establishments ranging from Badlands to Blackbird for nearly a decade, Yuri Kagan has seen and heard just about everything.
Full Story

The Top Ten Gay Friendly Travel Destinations Worldwide
In an extract from Lonely Planet’s ‘Best in Travel’, Chris Zeiher makes his selection.
Full Story

At the Seaside…
I’ve been struggling to write this post for too long. But today, while sitting on a park bench in Cesenatico, Italy, the words finally came.
Full Story

Upcoming Event News:

AUSTRALIA, NSW: Got New Year’s Plans Yet? How About Tropical Fruits?
(Dec 21-Jan 1) If the glitz and glamour of Sydney are all just a bit too much for you on New Year’s Eve, look no further than the beautiful Northern Rivers region of New South Wales!
Full Story

BURMA: Country Launches First LGBT Film Festival
(Nov 12-14) Burma’s first LGBTI film festival will be held next month in Rangoon to celebrate the sexual and gender diversity of the region.
Full Story

CANADA, ONTARIO: Toronto WorldPride Chooses Vancouver Artist’s Work
Jun 22-Nov 15) Vancouver’s Pablo Munoz is one of six Canadians whose work will be shown at the Art Gallery of Ontario during a special exhibition marking WorldPride 2014 in Toronto.
Full Story

CARIBBEAN: Transgender Cruise Planned for December
(Dec 14-21) Travel agent Jeff Land blocked cabins on a Royal Caribbean sailing in December for what he believes is the first trans cruise. “This has been a dream of mine for so long,” Land said, “because it feels safe being with other trans people.”
Full Story

COSTA RICA: Gay Surf Week in November
(Nov 8-15) We’re not going to ask what you like to ride, but if it includes waves, consider Gay Surf Week 2014, which promises to offer a week of sun, fun and waves for gay and lesbian surfers and beach lovers in Tamarindo, Costa Rica.
Full Story

USA, CALIFORNIA: Palm Springs Celebrates Gay Pride in November
(Nov 7-9) “I am Pride: Stonewall” is the theme for the 2014 Palm Springs Pride Celebration scheduled for November 7-9, ending with the parade.
Full Story

USA, FLORIDA: New: Gay Days Fort Lauderdale
(Nov 25-Dec 1) According to Gay Days president Chris Alexander-Manley, the event is expanding into Fort Lauderdale.
Full Story

USA, NEVADA: Evolve Returns to Vegas for New Year’s Eve
(Dec 31) Evolve 2015, a unique gay New Year’s Eve celebration, is more than just a party – it’s a 3-day experience attracting men from more than 30 countries to Las Vegas.
Full Story

Contests and Sweepstakes:

CURACAO: Win Five Nights in the Caribbean at the Floris Suite Hotel
(Enter by 4/1) We have some exciting news for the next sweepstakes – PurpleRoofs.com is teaming up with Gaycation Magazine to bring you our first contest prize from Curacao in the Caribbean, at the Floris Suite Hotel.Full Story

ITALY: Win a Wine Getaway in Puglia, Italy
How would you like to spend three days/two nights being pampered on an Italian farmhouse, treated to the best wines of the region?
Full Story

USA, WASHINGTON: Win a Dream Gay Wedding in Seattle
(Nov 1) Seattle is proud to announce Marry Me in Seattle, a celebration of marriage equality that includes special year-round, customized hotel packages and offerings for gay and lesbian couples.
Full Story

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