Murals in San Francisco’s Mission District

Published Date Author: , October 17th, 2014

Missio Mural - Alain the Sojourner

The murals in Mission District in San Francisco are one of the things you shouldn’t miss to explore when you’re visiting the city. These murals are larger than life and many of them are labors of love from the artist to the community.

Their subjects are mixed-politics, religion, heroism, teenage angst, life as immigrants and social activism. There are murals that awaken, inspire and prick your conscience.

They are on the walls, doors, windows and roofs. A pavement was not even spared. Many of them are on the alleys, some are ubiquitous on the streets and commercial buildings and few are in the parks.

By Alain – Full Story at The Sojourner | San Francisco Gay Travel Resources | Other Gay Travel Events

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