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Published Date Author: , September 11th, 2014

Dolly in VeniceWow! We are really on the go, now. Diane, Lynnie and Nichole all arrived here in Venice on Monday afternoon. We got settled into the apartment, took the gals on a short orientation walk, then gave them a little time to relax. In the late afternoon we had Happy Hour cocktails and snacks in the apartment, then we cooked dinner there, so we could really relax and everyone could get acquainted.

Tuesday morning we were at St. Mark’s Basilica long before it opened for visitors. We were in the first group of tourists. Then we took a walk went across the Rialto Bridge, and of course, to the Rialto Mercato.

After the Rialto, we walked back to our apartment, had lunch then everyone got to explore Venice on their own. Walking is really the easiest way to get around if you are staying on this main island. However, the vaporetti are our main transport means for getting to the other islands, and yes, back to the rail station.

Yesterday we took the vaporetto to the islands of Murano, for the glass blowing and shopping for Murano glass, then we went to the island of Burano, to see the fabulous lace work, and have lunch. For me, Burano is so pretty, with all the different colored houses.

We had a full day, so finally we were more than happy to return to the apartment for rest, cocktails and dinner, in that order. When I said “Buono notte” to everyone and went to bed, it was only 8:30 p.m. But I must have been tired, as I went right to sleep.

We were supposed to have rain yesterday, with thunderstorms. The weather gods decided to do their thing in the middle of the night. We had lightning and thunder with rain, for about an hour, around midnight. Then it settled down for a couple hours, and started all over again around 3:00 a.m. But fortunately, for us, by morning when we were ready to go exploring, we had a lovely day.

This morning was slightly drizzly for the first couple of hours that we were out and about, but again, the weather cleared up and kept us all happy…

Today we went to the Cimiteria island…the cemetery. I have wanted to do that for a long time, so today was the day. There was one section of the cemetery where only nuns were buried; another section was for soldiers killed in either the civil war or the World Wars. I thought it quite beautiful. We spent about 2 hours there.

So now we are enjoying the last day of our visit to Venice. Tomorrow we go to Bolzano for 2 nights….gateway to the Dolomites, another very favorite place for me.

So, until next time, I will say,


Ciao for now,

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