St. Petersburg Pride A Success Despite Problems

Published Date Author: , September 21st, 2014

RussiaIn a stunning show of poise, purpose, and power, organizers of the International Queer Culture Festival made the event — also known as QueerFest — a reality in St. Petersburg, Russia, on Thursday even as thugs and public figures tried to stop them.

According to GLAAD, and a report from one of the organizers of St. Petersburg QueerFest, Vitaly Milonov, the infamous anti-LGBT member of the city’s legislative assembly (and proponent of Russia’s so called anti-homosexuality propaganda law) had to be barricaded from entering by event as did other bigoted hooligans.

Nevertheless, the homobphobes allegedly assaulted guests by spraying them with a green, noxious substance, by pushing guests, and in at least one case, by rying to pull a festivalgoer by the legs out of the event while fellow QueerFest attendees kept their friend away from the thugs by pulling back the victim by the arms.

By Thom Senzee – Full Story at The Advocate | Russia Gay Travel Resources

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