Ponza, Italy’s Secret Island

Published Date Author: , September 9th, 2014

Ponza - DJ Yabis“Enjoy Ponza. Please don’t tell everyone about it!”, shouted Alina as we left her holiday villa at Il Fontanaro in Umbria, Italy.

I understood why.

Ponza Island is so beautiful and, like many people, I didn’t even know it existed until my trip there. It’s my new favorite Mediterranean island. Apparently, it’s popular among the Romans and even celebrities like Leonardo di Caprio love to vacation here. Prince Pelayo, one of my favorite fashion bloggers, just recently vacationed here too.

So it’s a thing okay.

Well, I’m certainly no Leonardo di Caprio nor Prince Pelayo (yet) but I get why the fabulous and the famous jetset here. The island is just so beautiful and lush in a rocky Mediterranean way. The water is clear, the beaches are not crowded and the food is easily one of the freshest and best I’ve eaten in Italy.

By DJ Yabis – Full Story at Dream Euro Trip | Lazio Gay Travel Resources

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