Just a Typical Summer Sunday in Berlin

Published Date Author: , September 8th, 2014

Berlin - Adam GroffmanThis month marks three years living in Berlin, and as part of my year-long goal to explore more of my adopted city, I’ve spent the past few weeks wandering around to both new and unfamiliar places as well as old haunts. And like most Berliners, today I went to the flohmarkt.

Sundays are usually my least favorite day in Berlin. Mostly because everything is closed. And I mean basically everything. No clothing shops, hardly any convenience stores, certainly nothing big-box. There are literally only seven supermarkets open on Sundays in Berlin (sonntag geoeffnet). That’s seven grocery stores for a population over 3 million. And if you think you’d be lucky to stumble into one of those grocery stores on a Sunday, you’ll really just find yourself in the middle of a mob trying to grab the last half-rotten tomato. It’s just not fun.

So, while living abroad in other cities, my Sundays were for shopping, in Berlin, well… I still shop. But I do as the Berliners do and shop at flea markets instead. It wasn’t an easy transition, but the idea that I’m now buying most of my products from independent shop owners and street sellers is kind of comforting. We like to call Berlin a village, and every Sunday that I find myself shopping at a flohmarkt, I can’t help but realize how true that actually is. Berlin is this big, massive, sort-of cosmopolitan city, and here I am haggling for a bike lock while trying on vintage watches and shopping for tableware from a bin.

This article was written by Adam Groffman, author of the internationally popular travel blog, Travels of Adam. Read more here: Just a Typical Summer Sunday in Berlin.

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