Just Back From Xlsior Mykonos

Published Date Author: , September 7th, 2014

Xlsior Mykonos

This festival packed 8 massive parties into just 5 days. Starting on Wednesday afternoon at the Elysium hotel in Mykonos town, a hotel perched on the top of one of Mykonos’ many hills, the opening party had an amazing view out over the entire town. Of course, once the music was pumping and the shirts came off, not many of us were looking out at the view.

Like most Circuit parties, the men were hot, muscular and slightly towards the older side of the age ledger. Not terribly older mind, but don’t be on the lookout for many twinks in these parts. The music at each of the parties was predictably excellent, even if it was at times a little repetitive – every DJ loves to play the hottest tracks at each party, and who can blame them? There are of course, only so many times you can hear ‘Everybody needs a Man’ before it’s stuck in your head forever.

One of the great things about festivals such as these is that one gets to experience a diverse number of locations and clubs. Some are excellent, others are somewhat lacking. I always find it better to get things that aren’t great out of the way first, so we’ll start with the parties Deep and the Garage Pool Party. While the music was good, and the dancers at Deep were very sexy (not to mention flexible!!) the management of the party was a little amateur. Starting the night about an hour late, and then requiring everyone to line up for tickets to purchase drinks from staff with machines that weren’t working, the night got off to a rocky start.

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