Getting Lost in Venice

Published Date Author: , September 8th, 2014

Venice - Dolly GoolsbyYes, we are in Venice.

Our first night here, we ventured out just to sight-see, without any true destination in mind. We found a great little trattoria in a tiny square (Campo). We had a lovely seafood dinner. We were glad we had sat inside, for all at once, all the diners from the outside tables had to make a mad dash into the restaurant because of a rain shower. By the time we finished dinner, the rain had stopped and the sidewalks were barely wet. So we had an easy stroll back to the apartment…..with just a little glitch. We got lost.

We were in a little dead end campo, trying to read the map by street light, when a couple from England came along…they were lost, also, and then a young couple wandered by, with the same problem. It was funny, because here were 6 people, all wanting to be in different places, and we were all in this small space. I said to the English man that one can expect to get lost in Venice. He told me this was his eighth visit to Venice and he thought he knew his way around. I don’t know how many times I have been to Venice, but I always get lost.

Eventually we did get back to our apartment, but if there is anything certain in Venice, it is that we will get lost. We got lost again last night, too. We found places I hadn’t seen since my first visit here in 1997. Those places were nowhere near where we needed to be. But one just goes with the flow. After all, Venice is an island, so sooner or later you will find the right alley, or the right bridge, and get back home.

Today there was a big regatta on the Grand Canal. We saw a bit of it, but everywhere was so crowded, we just finally came back to the apartment on foot, as none of the vaporetto were running, due to the regatta. When we got up to San Marco Piazza, we could see the Grand Canal was filled with all sorts of boats.

Now we are just relaxing, waiting until the crowds thin out before we go out again. Who knows? Maybe we will make it back home again tonight without getting lost. But getting lost is such a great adventure, and I always feel like I have achieved a great accomplishment when I finally get to where I had planned to be. However, sometimes we would like to visit a place again, like the trattoria we found the first night, and I am not sure we will ever see it again.

Tomorrow our other 3 travelers arrive. Perhaps, as a group, we can find our way home. At least we will all be together in our “lost-ness”.

Ciao for now,


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