First Hike in the Dolomites

Published Date Author: , September 15th, 2014

Dolly in the DolomitesGood afternoon, everyone,

Yes! Although the clouds covered the mountains this morning, we decided to give hiking a try anyway. We got on a bus which took us to the gondola station, then took the gondola up to the meadow, and the little town of Compatsch. By the time we got there, the clouds were already starting to break up, the sun came through and we enjoyed a very nice little hike, up to the area called Panorama.

The scenery was so beautiful I didn’t know which way to look first, or second. The weather was great, not too cold, not too warm. From our vantage point, we could see trails going all over the meadow. Again, choices, choices! Which one to do next? We even got to see a couple of llamas on our hike. Lots of cows, a few horses.

On our return trip, a few clouds began to hover, but they were not threatening. Finally, we decided it was getting late, so we just trekked back to Compatsch and had a lovely lunch.

Pictures just cannot relate the grandeur, the enormity of this area. There were quite a few hikers and mountain bikers out, but the entire day was relaxing, inspiring and I truly felt, this is a great gift from God that I am able to enjoy some of His wonderful creations. I could spend weeks up here and see something different every day. I know I am truly blessed. I know that the ladies traveling with me felt the same way today.

The only thing that would make this trip even more enjoyable for me would be for each of you to join me on a hike, so that I could show you what I love and tell you how much this area means to me.

Until that occurs, I will say….

Ciao for now,


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