Book Review: Gaysia

Published Date Author: , September 12th, 2014

GaysiaThrowing a dart at a board. That’s one way to decide where you’ll go on vacation. You could also call a travel agent, hop in a car, or head to the backyard. No matter what you do with those precious weeks of vacay, you’ll definitely use them. So how about a whirlwind tour of the Far East and its bedrooms, hotels and furtive parks? Sounds good? Well, before you book that trip, you might want to read Gaysia by Benjamin Law first.

It stands to reason: if most of the planet’s population lives in Asia, then the Far East is the gayest place in the world. Benjamin Law suspected that and, as an ethnically Asian gay Australian, he was geographically in a good location to prove it. He decided he’d find his “fellow Gaysians: the Homolaysians, Bi-Mese, Laosbians and Shangdykes.” But first, he’d go to Bali.

There, he found a “relaxing island getaway” that happily embraced gay men; where clothing was optional, even discouraged, at many resorts; and “moneyboys” were willing to do anything for a fee. Sessions of “jiggy-jiggy,” says Law, were a “creative” way out of poverty for (sometimes straight) boys and young men but since the rate of condom use was low, the rate of HIV was high.

By Terri Schlichenmeyer – Full Story at LGBT Weekly | Asia Gay Travel Resources

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