Bolzano and The Dolomites

Published Date Author: , September 13th, 2014

Yes, we are now in Bolzano, the beginning of the Dolomites. I am sitting on the terrace in front of my hotel room writing to you and here is what I am seeing in front of me:

Dolomites - Dolly Goolsby

Tomorrow we will be traveling up to Castelrotto, which is in a valley below those mountains.

Bolzano is a beautiful town, also. We are hearing more German language here, although I am hearing Italian, also. It is interesting to hear a shop keeper change from German to Italian to English without missing a beat. I have been using my Italian language skills more the past few days. I am pleased with myself over that.

When we arrived in Bolzano, we were so hungry! As soon as we got checked into the hotel, we headed for the nearest restaurant. Well, I knew about this brewery/restaurant, so we went there.

Today we went to the Archeology Museum to see Oetzi, the man who was discovered in the mountains above here in 1991. He is over 5,000 years old, so the museum dedicated to him is really amazing. We even got to see him through a glass window. He is very well preserved, and it is just so interesting to learn about the many processes used to learn so much about him. And the scientists keep learning even more.

After that, we had lunch, then took a gondola ride up to Oberbozen, a little village above Bolzano. The weather was great, so we had a lovely day. We didn’t do any hiking, but just strolled around the village, taking pictures, and enjoying the view, the clean air, the peacefulness

Tomorrow, as I said, we will go to Castelrotto. I hope our good weather holds up, so we will be able to do some hiking.

Thanks to all of you who are following the blog, and commenting on the posts. I really appreciate that, and hope you are still enjoying following my travels.

Ciao for now,


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