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Published Date Author: , September 11th, 2014

Das ist so Berlin

I’m not sure how it happened, or when, but at some point Berlin, as a word, became synonymous with “cool.” But not just cool. A special kind of cool. Something very Berlin. It’s hard to put your finger on it but Berlin has its very own style. That’s probably universal for most cities, but after reading thousands of articles about Berlin, I’d argue Berlin’s special style and flair has become a popular export.

Berlin has a long tradition of being a creative and capital hub. Many people here like to remind the world that the capital city was once a cultural hotspot and a liberal, free city in the 1920s. That was a long time ago (and a lot has happened since), but Berlin today is the type of Bohemian capital that once made many artists, philosophers and writers famous. I’ve heard Berlin called a playground, a resurgence of NYC in the ’70s, a “mecca of cool.” Berlin is…well, Berlin.

I’ve received some criticism in the past for being unable to explain exactly what it is that makes Berlin so special. And despite countless travel stories about Germany’s largest city, I still struggle with words when trying to explain why I love this city so much. Berlin is simply Berlin. And once you visit the city, you’ll understand just what Berlin means. However, for first-time visitors, it may be difficult to find some of those places and things which are so-very-Berlin, so I’ve collected my favorite Berlin-Berlin places here.

This article was written by Adam Groffman, author of the internationally popular travel blog, Travels of Adam. Read more here: That Berlin Style.

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