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Published Date Author: , September 28th, 2014

David - FlorenceYes, we have been in Florence since Tuesday, but we have been so busy trying to see everything that I haven’t had time to write. Now, 3 of the travelers are packing, getting ready to leave tomorrow. I hate to see them go. This has been another very good tour group. Lots of fun, and they got to have so many great experiences.

On Tuesday, we walked to our apartment from the train station, got settled in, then only had time for a brief walk before dinner.

On Wedensday, we went to the San Ambrogio mercato, got food for our meals, and everyone got to explore a bit, see the different stands and help choose our food.

Later, Massimo Carli, our landlord, and expert on Florentine history, took us for a guided walk through historic Florence. That was thoroughly enjoyable. We walked past Piazza Reppublica, across the Arno River by way of the Ponte Vecchio, and returned over Ponte Santa Trinita.

Later, once again we had dinner at the apartment, with our own Happy Hour first. I love having the apartments, as it is so nice that we can all sit around and visit, and go to bed when we feel like it.

Thursday we toured Pitti Palace. We wanted to go to the Boboli Gardens, but there had been a great deal of damage to the gardens from a hail storm the week before, so that was a disappointment. The ladies cured their disappointment by going shopping after lunch.

Friday was a very full day. We started by going to the Accademia to see David and other great works of art, followed by some going to the Uffizi Gallery, and others to the Galileo Museum.

Yesterday, Saturday, Massimo gave us another walking tour, this time in Pisa. He walked us from the train station to the Field of Miracles, explaining many of the historic sights along the way, and once again, we were all impressed with Massimo’s expertise and knowledge of the art and architecture of Pisa.

The Baptistry and The Duomo in Pisa. The Baptistry is amazing for its acoustics. One of the workers stood in the center of the Baptistry, sang a note, then another, and another. Because of the echoes, it sounded like 3 part harmony. We all had lunch together, then we had to catch our train back to Florence, and Massimo returned to Viareggio.

After a quick shower, we all walked to Il Latini, a wonderful, fun ristorante for dinner, and once again celebrated Nichole’s birthday.

This morning we walked up to Piazzale Michelangelo, so the ladies could see Florence from the great viewpoint up there. I never get tired of that view.

So now we are winding down for the evening. Susan is making our Happy Hour cocktails, the other ladies have given up on packing … At least for now, and then we will have our last dinner together, here at the apartment.

I must say good bye now, and will probably write another post in a few days, as I have not been able to use all the pictures I want to use.

I will be in Florence a few more days, then on to Sorrento, and after that, I will be returning home. Travel is such fun, but, yes, I miss my family, Frank and his family, as well as my little home. After that, who knows where my wandering will take me.

Ciao for now,


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