Fifteen Hot Gay Cruise Photos From La Demence

Published Date Author: , August 9th, 2014

La DemenceWhat do you take to wear on a cruise when you have to pack for: A white party; a uniform party; a sportswear party; a ‘Where Are You From’ party; a Glow In The Dark party; a Drag party and a fetish night?

And that’s not even including the daytime poolside outfits and what to wear when you’re exploring the port cities. Personally, we’re in favor of whip cream canisters (complete with holsters) for any ensemble.

Whether you go for the minimalist approach (surely other cruisers would appreciate a ‘less is more’ motto) or brought a friend to carry your luggage, La Demence Cruise gives you dozens of chances to show off and take it off.

By Jean Paul Zapata – Full Story and Photos at SOURCE | Other Gay Travel Events

Image via La Demence

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