“Christian” Conservative Linda Harvey Wants Ban on Gay Pride Parades

Published Date Author: , August 19th, 2014

Gay PrideChristian conservative Linda Harvey claims Gay Pride parades are a bad influence on young people and should be banned…

“We need to go to our city councils and stop these parades,” she said during an appearance on Understanding the Times with Jan Markell. “I think they are a blight on the community, they communicate exactly the wrong message: that homosexuality and gender change is totally fine. That it’s a big joke, because there are men dressed in feather boas, lipstick and heels in these parades, this is such a raw message to our children especially. My opinion is gay pride parades ought to be banned and we have every reason to do so, there is no redeeming social value, that’s my belief,” she said.

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Jekarrus - Gravatar

Jekarrus said on August 19, 2014, 9:05 am:

People always trying to take away are happiness well ain’t shit getting banned first off pride is for adults 18 and up why are you’re kids watching pride for shouldn’t they be doing their homework why is everyone so worried about the way we live are lives bitch if you mind you’re fucking business and stay in you’re place you wouldn’t know we even have a pride parade and now this dumb bitch is trying to take away are rights to celebrate who we are by dragging children into the picture you are a joke that’s really sad

Lee Robida - Gravatar

facebook Lee Robida said on August 19, 2014, 9:39 am:

Linda, Its called FREE SPEECH, the same FREE SPEECH laws that allow your kind of Religious Bigotry to voice your CLOSED MINDED VIEWS. Darling… It works both ways.

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