Is Amsterdam Gay Pride the Most Scenic?

Published Date Author: , August 6th, 2014

Amsterdam Pride - Adam GroffmanI just returned from a weekend in Amsterdam and I feel I need to share something important: Amsterdam is damn pretty. I’ve said it before but it calls for another shout-out. I spent pretty much all day of Saturday on a boat during Amsterdam’s annual gay pride (which takes place on the canals), and I can unequivocally declare Amsterdam to be oh-so-pretty.

The annual canal parade (probably my first ever parade on water) goes through the center of Amsterdam along some of the city’s prettiest canals–notably Prinsengracht where I’ve previously photographed approximately one million pretty buildings. But the parade also goes down the Amstel river and ends into the harbor

And along the entire route, the scene from the canals was nothing short of beautiful. From crowds of people wearing pink to the brownstone buildings draped in rainbow flags, Amsterdam’s gay pride parade didn’t just convince me that the city can be fun — but that it’s also stunningly beautiful.

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