Gay Tel Aviv: Beaches, Boys and Beyond

Published Date Author: , July 22nd, 2014

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Once named the “gayest city in the world” by travelers, Tel Aviv continues to position itself as one of the premier destinations for gay travel across the world. With 16 beaches, exciting nightlife, delicious places to eat, and exquisite gay-owned accommodations, there are many reasons travelers flock to the city each year. And this doesn’t even begin to mention the absolutely gorgeous men and women that call Tel Aviv home.

When I first had the opportunity to visit Tel Aviv and surrounding areas, I was not sure what to expect. I had travelled extensively throughout Europe and other countries, but never the Middle East. From the time I touched down and was walking through Ben Gurion airport, however, all concerns were out the window. The airport process is smooth and transportation abundant to be whisked away to your lodging of choice. About 12 miles from the city, you have the opportunity to take in the beauty of Israel as you drive into Tel Aviv. Once in the city, you will find transportation very easy, with many neighborhoods being walkable and an extensive public bus system called Dan.

Having spent two weeks there recently, I was able to really explore the city and all its cultural beauties in addition to the abundant nightlife and beach scene. Here are some of the places I would be sure not to miss as you book your Tel Aviv gaycation.

By Gregory Kiep – Full Story at Edge Boston | Israel Gay Travel Resources

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Glenn Couvillon - Gravatar

purpleroofs Glenn Couvillon said on August 3, 2014, 2:23 am:

My first male lover was from a suburb of Tel Aviv, Koba Saba. I went to Israel 3 times to meet with him (I lived in Atlanta.) Israel is a stunning country with the most fascinating history. Jerusalem is just incrediable. I found it extremely difficult to get my head around what I was looking at, especially all of the references to Jesus.

If you ever have a chance to go don’t pass it up. Obviously, now is not the time to go.

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