Win a Pair of Tickets Around the World From KLM

Published Date Author: , June 6th, 2014

KLM Contest SelfieKLM is offering a pair of tickets around the world for the person who can take the best “CitySelfie”.

With the flood of selfies that permeate our social media pages these days, it’s hard to imagine that a new (and potentially less ego-centric) type could be developed, but that’s just what KLM Airlines has done. They’ve invented the CitySelfie, a new variation where a person takes 360-video of themselves amongst their city’s prettiest scenery. But more than that, KLM is promising the person who can take the best CitySelfie a free trip around the world. Watch the explanation and see some examples of great CitySelfies:

Entrants should be sure to tag their CitySelfies with the hashtag #CitySelfies. The winner of two Round The World tickets, with up to five stops of their choosing around the world, will be selected by a distinguished group of professional photographers and travelers. For more information, and to enter, visit:

Enter by 6/15/14.

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