Visit Gay Amsterdam for Pride

Published Date Author: , June 18th, 2014

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Summer in Holland means enjoying every aspect of life … not just the great weather, beautiful countryside and pleasant cities, but also the great, typically Dutch snacks on a cafe terrace. In summer, the Dutch like to make the most of good weather by whiling away some time on a terrace and this is best done while enjoying a drink and a bite.

Among the favourites are a beer accompanied by a plate of bitterballen. These breaded savoury ragout balls are typically Dutch and are usually dipped in mustard. Other popular snacks are pieces of Dutch cheese and sausage or a bread basket with dips. So go local and try some bitterballen on a pleasant terrace!

It’s a huge trend in European cities: the city beach. After enjoying hectic urban life, these ‘beaches’ allow you to relax and enjoy without having to travel to the coast. We have found the best city beaches in Holland for you. You can spend a wonderful day on a city beach. With summer weather and a range of tasty treats and drinks, these places are summer favourites! Several big cities in Holland boast city beaches.

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