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Published Date Author: , June 7th, 2014

Scott & MarkWelcome to the Purple Roofs gay travel newsletter.

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We’ve got lots of other great stuff for you this month, too – including some great feature articles: On Foot in Paris; Italy is Calling Me; Singapore’s Altitude Bar and Esquina Tapas Bar; and the Sonoma Wine Country.

We’ve also recently launching our revamped Gay Travel Events section – more than 700 pride events, film festivals, circuit parties, and much more, now with photos, descriptions, and links to lodging for your stay.

And we’re featuring a number of other gay travel articles from around the world.

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Our Featured Articles This Month:

Gay Paris - Carlos MeliaFRANCE: A Day On Foot in Gay Paris
by Carlos Melia
Here is my photo album of my entire day walking in gay Paris. I think I have been to Paris at least forty times in my life, and I never seizes to amaze me with it beauty. My day began walking up and down Champs Elysees, when I decided, due to the amazing weather, to visit a local Flea Market to buy a few things for our new apartment in New York. I asked to the concierge at my hotel, and her recommended the Marche Vernaison at Marche aux Puces in St Ouen. (Metro 4 – Porte de Clignancourt). Since the sun was out and the temperature was ideal, I decided to walk from Hotel de Sers to the flea market, which took me approximately one hour.
Full Story

Colosseum - Rome, ItalyITALY: Italy is Calling Me
by Dolly Goolsby, Dolly Travels
I know, I have been very lax about blogging. I usually just blog while traveling, but life here in California is pretty good, too. Sunshine, good weather…I have been trying to get my yard pretty and inviting, as it is so nice to sit on the patio. In the evening, watch the birds eat and drink, and just relax. So, although it is lovely out here, I am getting excited about getting away again. I am usually in Italy at this time of year, so I am really ready to go back. This year, we stayed here as there were graduations and a wedding to attend, great-grandchildren to play with, family get-together that I really enjoy.
Full Story

Altitude Singapore - Carlos meliaSINGAPORE: 1-Altitude Rooftop Bar
by Carlos Melia
One of the classics when you visit Asia, is to find the most amazing rooftops bars. Like KU DE TA at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, or Sky Bar and Vertigo Moon Bar in Bangkok, Thailand. Well this time, hosted by the team at AUDI Fashion Festival, we visited 1-Altitude Bar, where we had our own table and were afterward escorted to the VIP lounge. Occupying the three topmost floors of the 282 metre One Raffles Place Building. 1-Altitude isn’t just the highest rooftop bar in Singapore –it’s the highest multi-experience lifestyle joint in the world.
Full Story

Esquina SingaporeSINGAPORE: Esquina Tapas Bar
by Carlos Melia
I would say, one of my favorite casual restaurants in Singapore, and one of the best tapas restaurants I have tried in a long time, not to mentioned the fantastic creamy Sangrias yummy. ESQUINA, provides visitors to the culturally-rich Chinatown with an added choice of European cuisine to the ethnic enclave. Open from Mondays to Saturdays, Esquina serves mainly modern Spanish tapas in a unique location that is surrounded by post-war colonial buildings, hip coffee joints and ‘old school’ home style restaurants. Leading the culinary direction for Esquina is Michelin star Chef Jason Atherton, the protege of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.
Full Story

Sonoma Wine Country - Don and RayUSA, CALIFORNIA: TRAVELING IN OUR FABULOUS GAY WORLD – Passion in the Sonoma Wine Country
by Donald & Ray
When we are traveling around the country we always try to take full advantage of everything and on our last trip to San Francisco we drove on up to the Sonoma wine country and took a “wine tour” with “Out in the Vineyard” which is a company that is owned by Gary Saperstein and Mark Vogler. They offer luxury travels and exclusive adventures for the LGBT community in regards to wine. Iron Horse WineryOur day tour with them began at the Iron Horse Ranch and Vineyards. Our tour guide, David has been there a number of years and is extremely passionate about the making of wine. He gave us an excellent history lesson about grape growing, wines, bottles and even the corks. In our travels from coast to coast, he was the most interesting and knowledgeable tour guide that we have ever encountered. Brent Burch, the Accounts Manager at the Winery was extremely helpful and professional as well. They are located in Sebastopol.
Full Story

We also scour the web to bring you all the gay travel news we can find. You can see these posts on a daily basis at http://www.purpleroofs.com/gay-travel-blog, or sign up for our RSS feed. Here are some of our favorites from the last month.

Local Stories:

CANADA, ONTARIO: Port Hope Shows Its Gay Pride
When visitors from around the world meet in Toronto for World Pride Week later this month, Port Hope tourism co-ordinator Andrea Patterson hopes many of them will make the side trip to discover Port Hope.
Full Story

CUBA: Gays in Havana
Cuba, I reckon, would be the next gay destination. It’s a gay-friendly country and bisexuals abound.
Full Story

CUBA: The Cuban Way of Life
When traveling, I have this habit of talking to locals and asking them for their portraits whatever they are doing. I’d ask their names and I’d give mine even if they won’t ask.
Full Story

GERMANY: Dessau from a Designer’s Perspective
I don’t know what took me so long to visit Dessau.
Full Story

INDIA: Gay Travel in India – Glorious and Intimidating
Traveling to India is both glorious and, well, a little intimidating.
Full Story

INDIA: A Passage to India
Sydney-based journalist Benjamin Law spent nearly a year skipping between seven Asian countries, sitting backstage with Bangkok ladyboys prepping themselves for beauty pageants, chatting with Tokyo’s famed drag queens, marching in the Mumbai heat with fierce queer rights activists, listening to the testimonies of Melaka preachers who claimed they could heal homosexuality and hanging out with Bali’s ‘moneyboys’ and the old foreign men who hire them.
Full Story

POLAND: Five Free Things to Do in Warsaw, Poland
Poland, was one of the most damaged cities during World War II. In 1944, in what would become known as the Warsaw Uprising, the citizens of the city rebelled against the Nazi forces that had taken control.
Full Story

PORTUGAL: Braga Gay Pride The Second Time Around
While some cities are celebrating decades of Gay Pride parades and parties this June, others are only just embarking on their pride parade journey.
Full Story

ROMANIA: Exploring Bucharest
Cruise passengers heading to the Black Sea this fall might notice a change in their itineraries: due to the political unrest in Ukraine, Silversea cruises in particular is proposing an alternate route, including a “bonus” excursion in Bucharest.
Full Story

RUSSIA: Moscow Gay Pride Permit Denied for Ninth Year
In an unsurprising but upsetting turn of events, Moscow officials have denied Nikolai Alexeyev, an LGBT activist, the right to organize a gay pride parade in the city for the ninth year in a row.
Full Story

SOUTH KOREA: Seoul Pride to Go On After Government Revokes Permission
The organisers of Seoul Pride have announced the event will go ahead next week in defiance of government orders, after official permission was revoked.
Full Story

SWITZERLAND: Zurich Pride and Switzerland’s Gay Culture
Over the last few decades, the tolerant, liberal-minded city of Zurich has become home to a lively LGBT scene.
Full Story

SWITZERLAND: The Meaning of Gay Pride in Zurich, Switzerland
In Switzerland, there’s a city where a Greek statue signifies the love between Zeus and his male lover.
Full Story

THAILAND: Wat Phra Singh in Chiang Mai
Have you ever had a deja vu while traveling? A moment where you think, I’ve been here!
Full Story

VIETNAM: Discovering Ho Chi Minh
I didn’t know what to expect when I first arrived in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) in Vietnam. Both friends and family spanning several generations brought up the war, one of the only things they identified with Saigon.
Full Story

USA, CALIFORNIA: Quaint Towns in Marin and Sonoma
Despite the heavy promotional campaign, there’s more to Marin and Sonoma counties than just wine-tasting.
Full Story

USA, SOUTH CAROLINA: Eating Out – Charleston Restaurants
Three days. How much could you take on of one of the South’s most delectable cities?
Full Story

General Interest Stories:

Purple Roofs Mentioned in the New York Times
The New York Times ran a series of articles on gay travel this week, and we snagged a mention in one of them, Finding Comfort and Safety as a Gay Traveler”.
Full Story

And The Huffington Post Mentions Purple Roofs Too!
We’re having quite a happy little media day here at Purple Roofs.
Full Story

Turbulent Times for Transgender Travelers
For two years, 27-year-old Reilley Clemens hadn’t gone home.
Full Story

The Evolving World of Gay Travel
In the 1970s gay tours took men rafting in the Grand Canyon and to Rio de Janeiro for Carnival.
Full Story

Ten Gay Honeymoon Hotspots
Gay couples can now legally marry in 18 countries — a statistic that increasingly raises an important question: Where’s the best spot for a gay honeymoon?
Full Story

My First Gay Pride Parade
There is always something indescribable about the day you discover you are not really alone in this world.
Full Story

What Are The Top Five Gay Pride Events Worldwide?
June is pride month in many cities around the world, and so we focus on the Top 5 gay pride events in the world.
Full Story

How Marriott’s Owner Learned to Love the Gays
Marriott International launched its #LoveTravels marketing campaign on June 2, targeting lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender customers–as well as pro-LGBT consumers–with a campaign designed to “convey the company’s commitment to make everyone feel comfortable being who they are.”
Full Story

Marriott Hotels Kicks Off New Gay Travel Campaign #LoveTravels
Marriott International today launched a historic new LGBT campaign that celebrates the diversity of love and showcases the brand’s commitment to the gay and lesbian community. #LoveTravels hopes to convey the message that everyone should feel comfortable being who they are, everywhere they travel.
Full Story

Living As a Gay Traveler – It’s the Little Things
This morning I woke up more than a bit nostalgic. Nostalgic for a life I haven’t lived in a long time.
Full Story

Gay Pride: Watching the Defectives
Last Sunday at 12:30pm, I was in position on Christopher Street with Terrence, his glamor boys, and touring UK bloggers Dave and Darren.
Full Story

Gay Travel – Thinking Outside the Box
Despite the fact that a sea gull once pooped on me while I was relaxing on a Fire Island beach, I do understand the allure of the place, and that of other idyllic destinations like Provincetown, Mass., and Key West, Fla., which have long been known as gathering spots for gay and lesbian vacationers.
Full Story

Facebook Gay Pride Month Celebration – Gay-Themed Icons
Facebook gay pride celebrations this year include new emoticons with an LGBT theme.
Full Story

Upcoming Event News:

Upcoming Gay Pride Events 5/28/14
Here’s our recap of the most recent LGBT pride events – articles posted over the last day or two.
Full Story

Upcoming Gay Pride Events 5/30/14
Here’s our recap of the most recent LGBT pride events – articles posted over the last day or two.
Full Story

Gay Pride Event News 6/5/14
Here’s our recap of the most recent LGBT pride event articles posted over the last day or two.
Full Story

AUSTRALIA, VICTORIA: Frosty Fruits – Gay Skiing Down Under
(Aug 21-26) FOR Daniel Lehrer, the annual Frosty Fruits Ski Trip is all about one thing: having an enjoyable time. “It’s a fun, relaxed vibe,” the Melbourne resident said. “It’s a nice way to have a relaxing trip and meet like-minded people while skiing.
Full Story

CANADA, ALBERTA: Coming in June – Edmonton Gay Pride
(Jun 6-15) The Edmonton Pride Festival Society will showcase the unity and diversity of the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, trans-identified and queer (LGBTQ) community and its allies.
Full Story

CANADA, ONTARIO: Five Tips for Toronto Pride
(Jun 20-29) World Pride Toronto is hedging its bets on success when it joins forces with Pride Toronto on June 20-29, 2014 for what’s expected to be the largest Pride event in North America.
Full Story

CANADA, ONTARIO: Toronto WorldPride Chooses Vancouver Artist’s Work
Jun 22-Nov 15) Vancouver’s Pablo Munoz is one of six Canadians whose work will be shown at the Art Gallery of Ontario during a special exhibition marking WorldPride 2014 in Toronto.
Full Story

CARIBBEAN: Transgender Cruise Planned for December
(Dec 14-21) Travel agent Jeff Land blocked cabins on a Royal Caribbean sailing in December for what he believes is the first trans cruise. “This has been a dream of mine for so long,” Land said, “because it feels safe being with other trans people.”
Full Story

COSTA RICA: Gay Surf Week in November
(Nov 8-15) We’re not going to ask what you like to ride, but if it includes waves, consider Gay Surf Week 2014, which promises to offer a week of sun, fun and waves for gay and lesbian surfers and beach lovers in Tamarindo, Costa Rica.
Full Story

CHINA: China Celebrates Shanghai Pride Next Month
(Jun 13-22) This year’s Shanghai Pride Week, titled Pride6 in recognition of its sixth anniversary, will take place from 13th to 22nd June.
Full Story

GERMANY: These Photos Will Make You Want to Go to Cologne Pride
(Jul 4-6) After visiting Cologne a few times in the past six months, it’s quickly climbed up my list of favorite German cities.
Full Story

GREECE: Xlsior Dance Festival Returns to Mykonos and Santorini
(Aug 20-29) XLSior – the International Dance Festival that has taken over Greece for the last 5 years – is back again and coming to Mykonos this 20-24 August and Santorini this 27-29 August.
Full Story

GREECE: Lesvos Island Welcomes Women’s Festival in September
(Sept 6-20) After 13 years, this festival keeps getting better, attracting women holiday makers from all over the world to this tiny Greek Isle. For 2014, the International Eressos Women’s Festival takes place over two weeks, from 6-20 September.
Full Story

ISRAEL: More Than 100K Expected for Tel Aviv Pride
(Jun 8-14) Thousands of travelers from around the world are expected to arrive in Israel for the annual Pride Festivals taking place in Eilat (May 15-17) and Tel Aviv (June 8-14).
Full Story

ISRAEL: A First Timer’s Guide to Gay Pride in Tel Aviv
(Jun 13) We’ve showed you how to experience the best of Tel Aviv on a shoestring budget — but for those of you traveling there next month, a bit more guidance is in order.
Full Story

ISRAEL: Tel Aviv Gay Film Festival to Celebrate Ninth Year
(Jun 7-16) Now in its 9th year, the Tel-Aviv International LGBT Film Festival (TLVFest) is one of the most important cultural LGBT events in Israel and will take place from June 7-16 at the Tel-Aviv Cinematheque, coinciding with Pride week.
Full Story

NEW ZEALAND: Queenstown’s Gay Ski Week to Be Bigger Than Ever
(Aug 30-Sept 6) Hot on the heels of Queenstown becoming a gay wedding hotspot, the organisers of the resort’s Gay Ski Week have organised international travel prizes bound to grow the event’s global profile.
Full Story

SWITZERLAND: Zurich Pride Celebrated in June
(Jun 8-15) The Zurich Pride Festival is the biggest LGBT event in Switzerland. The association promotes the LGBT Community in whole Switzerland and represents their the interest and the requests.
Full Story

TURKEY: Istanbul Celebrates Gay Pride in June with Istanball
(Jun 19-29) Gay trendsetters will gather in Istanbul from 19-23 June for the International Rainbow Festival and for the 22nd Istanbul LGBT Pride Week which follows from 23 to 29 June, making Turkey the gay entertainment mecca of Europe for 2014.
Full Story

UK, ENGLAND: London Pride 2014 to Be Crowdfunded
(Jul 19-27) London Pride will be raising money for this year’s festival by crowd-funding, it was announced today (14 March).
Full Story

UK, ENGLAND: L Fest Coming to Staffordshire in July
(Jul 18-21) L Fest is the UK’s award winning lesbian music, arts & comedy festival, returning in 2014 from 18-21 July in Staffordshire.
Full Story

UK, ENGLAND: Newcastle Pride Will Be Bigger and Better in 2014
(Jul 18-20) One of the region’s most popular music festivals is returning in July with an additional venue and an extended run.
Full Story

UK, ENGLAND: Buff Manchester Brings Trans Pride to Town in July
(Jul 11-13) BUFF 2014 is on Fri 11th – Sun 13th July 2014, coinciding with Sparkle Manchester: The National Transgender Celebration 2014.
Full Story

UK, SCOTLAND: 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow Will Include a Pride House
(Jul 23-Aug 3) Ahead of the 2014 Commonwealth Games, Glasgow organisers have announced a Pride House event for LGBT athletes and fans.
Full Story

SWITZERLAND: Zurich Pride Celebrated in June
(Jun 8-15) The Zurich Pride Festival is the biggest LGBT event in Switzerland. The association promotes the LGBT Community in whole Switzerland and represents their the interest and the requests.
Full Story

USA, ARIZONA: Bisbee Gay Pride Celebrated in Mid June
(Jun 13-15) Bisbee’s first real Pride Festival occurred Father’s Day Weekend in 2005.
Full Story

USA, CALIFORNIA: Palm Springs Celebrates Gay Pride in November
(Nov 7-9) “I am Pride: Stonewall” is the theme for the 2014 Palm Springs Pride Celebration scheduled for November 7-9, ending with the parade.
Full Story

USA, CALIFORNIA: 12 Hour After Party Planned for San Diego Pride
(Jul 19) San Diego Pride weekend is just under three months away, and already we have a Pride party on the horizon that people are talking about. Overdrive Pride is a joint production of DJ/promotor Tristan Jaxx and promoter Shaun Flak, and is slated for Saturday night of Pride weekend, July 19.
Full Story

USA, CALIFORNIA: Program Announced for San Francisco’s Frameline Film Festival
(Jun 19-29) Frameline38 features 214 films from 31 countries; beyond films, our lineup of special thematic programs, dynamic parties, discussions, and other exciting events brings together filmmakers, actors, producers, artists, screenwriters, and movie lovers from here in the Bay Area and all around the world.
Full Story

USA, FLORIDA: Gay Pride in Key West Next Month
(Jun 11-15) Celebrate PRIDE on a tropical island that is legendary for its laid back style and its open and accepting atmosphere.
Full Story

USA, FLORIDA: New: Gay Days Fort Lauderdale
(Nov 25-Dec 1) According to Gay Days president Chris Alexander-Manley, the event is expanding into Fort Lauderdale.
Full Story

USA, ILLINOIS: Jennifer Hudson is Excited About Her Chicago Pride Performance
Jun 21-22. Jennifer Hudson says she’s “excited” to headline Chicago Pride Fest, the Windy City’s annual 2-day street festival which takes place the weekend before the city’s annual Pride Parade in June.
Full Story

USA, ILLINOIS: Belleville, Illinois to Celebrate Gay Pride, Marriage Equality
(Jun 21) While same-sex couples began marrying in Chicago and Illinois’ Cook County as a result of a court ruling on Friday, more than a dozen gay and lesbian couples downstate are preparing to celebrate their big day at the 7th annual Metro East PrideFest in Belleville, Ill., on June 21, 2014.
Full Story

USA, ILLINOIS: Chicago’s Reeling LGBT Film Festival Moves to September
(Sept 18-25) Chicago Filmmakers, the presenting organization of Reeling, the world’s second oldest LGBT film festival, has announced dates for the 2014 festival.
Full Story

USA, MARYLAND: Baltimore Pride – Changes Are Coming
(Jun 13-15) The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center of Baltimore and Central Maryland (GLCCB) firmed up the dates for Baltimore Pride–an enterprise run by the GLCCB. This year’s Baltimore Pride will take place on Father’s Day weekend.
Full Story

USA, MASSACHUSETTS: Women’s Week Returns to Ptown in October
(Oct 13-19) For the past thirty years, Provincetown has hosted a festival in October like no other.
Full Story

USA, MASSACHUSETTS: Boston Gay Pride to Spread Over 11 Days in June
(Jun 6-16) The official organizers of Boston Pride, Latin@ Pride and Youth Pride in Boston.
Full Story

USA, NEVADA: Saturday Gay Beach Club Party at Tropicana Las Vegas This Summer
(Saturdays, Mar 9-Labor Day) The first-ever Saturday LGBTQ beach party at a resort on the Vegas Strip, Xposed!, celebrates its grand opening Saturday, March 29, at The New Tropicana resort in Las Vegas.
Full Story

USA, NEW YORK: Promo Video for New York City Pride 2014
(Jun 29) NYC Pride has released a new promo video for 2014.
Full Story

USA, NEW YORK: New York City Pride Announces Details for the Pier Dance
(Jun 29) NYC Pride announced today that the 28th annual Dance on the Pier would be returning to Hudson River Park’s Pier 26.
Full Story

USA, NEW YORK: Gay Kiss Exhibition Comes to NYC
(Apr 30-Jun 24) A photographic exhibition which was originally due to be shown in Rome, but which was cancelled after a legal threat from the Vatican has found a new life in NYC.
Full Story

USA, NEW YORK: Gay Mud Run Returns to NYC, Launches Other Events Across USA
(Jun 21) Out-Fit Challenge, (http://out-fitchallenge.com), following last year’s successful debut, has announced they will be expanding their 5K cross-country trail Mud Run to other cities including Reno, San Francisco, Boston, New York City.
Full Story

USA, NEW YORK: The Return of Folsom Street East
(Jun 22) Folsom Street East didn’t happen last year due to the massive apartment building that is nearing completion on West 28th Street.
Full Story

USA, NEVADA: Evolve Returns to Vegas for New Year’s Eve
(Dec 31) Evolve 2015, a unique gay New Year’s Eve celebration, is more than just a party – it’s a 3-day experience attracting men from more than 30 countries to Las Vegas.
Full Story

USA, OHIO: Counting Down to the Cleveland Gay Games
(Aug 9-16) Leading up to the 2010 Gay Games in Cologne, Gerard Burley was traveling through Europe working as a model and competing in a low-level professional basketball league.
Full Story

USA, TENNESSEE: Nashville Gay Pride Comes to Tennessee in Mid-June
(Jun 13-14) Nashville Pride’s mission is to educate and maintain a sense of pride, community, and awareness of, about, and for GLBT people and culture in Middle Tennessee.
Full Story

USA, TEXAS: Gay Music Festival Coming to Austin in September
(Sept 12-14) Couldn’t snatch a ticket to Coachella this year? Save your dollars and your feathered earrings for the biggest queer music festival in the country.
Full Story

USA, TEXAS: New LGBT Play Festival To Debut in September
(Sept 4-14) Uptown Players moved its Pride Play Fest from September to June this year, so it seems TeCo Theatrical Productions is stepping in to the fall spot.
Full Story

USA, TEXAS: Dallas Gay Pride – A Month of Events
(Jun 4-28) For LGBT Dallasites, the options for social outings during National Pride Month in June only continue to grow.
Full Story

USA, VERMONT: “Camp Camp” Returns to Vermont in August
(Aug 24-31) Did your parents send you away to summer camp when you were young, before you were out, and you’d like a do-over? Then maybe ‘Camp’ Camp is for you.
Full Story

WORLDWIDE: Win a Pair of Tickets Around the World From KLM
(Enter by 6/15) KLM is offering a pair of tickets around the world for the person who can take the best “CitySelfie”, and I thought you might like to share the opportunity with the Purple Roofs readers.
Full Story

USA, CALIFORNIA: Win Two Passes for Outfest Los Angeles in July
(Enter by 6/16) Passport Magazine is giving away a VIP package to Los Angeles’s LGBT Film Festival.
Full Story

USA, HAWAII: Win Five Nights in Maui at the Maui Sunseeker
(Enter by 10/1) Step off the plane and the first thing you notice is the warm tropical breeze, full of the scent of plumeria, jasmine and tuberose, wrapping you in a wonderful feeling you’ve really arrived in paradise. And that’s just the first few moments of your escape from the normal. It gets better.Full Story

USA, MASSACHUSETTS: Win a Summer Vacation in Massachusetts
(Enter by 8/31) What’s better than a summer vacation? A free summer vacation, obviously.
Full Story

USA, NEVADA: Win a Trip for Two to Vegas for New Years from Gay Cities
(Enter by 7/6) Headed to Pride this year? We want your pics! Share your Pride pictures by entering the Equality In Color Pride Photo Challenge sponsored by At&T and you could win a New Years Eve in Vegas.
Full Story

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