Italy is Calling Me

Published Date Author: , June 2nd, 2014

Colosseum - Rome, ItalyI know, I have been very lax about blogging. I usually just blog while traveling, but life here in California is pretty good, too. Sunshine, good weather…I have been trying to get my yard pretty and inviting, as it is so nice to sit on the patio. In the evening, watch the birds eat and drink, and just relax.

So, although it is lovely out here, I am getting excited about getting away again. I am usually in Italy at this time of year, so I am really ready to go back.

This year, we stayed here as there were graduations and a wedding to attend, great-grandchildren to play with, family get-together that I really enjoy. However, Italy is calling me. There is just something about Italy that keeps drawing me back.

This is the Arena in Verona. This old Roman amphitheater is over 2000 years old. It is the only Roman amphitheater that is still being used. In the summer, the Opera is performed here, and the acoustics are amazing. I have been fortunate to have attended opera performances here twice in the past, but I am extremely excited now, as I have tickets to hear Placido Domingo in concert here in July, and also see a performance of “Carmen” the following night. I can hardly wait!

Then I will be traveling to the hill town of Montepulciano to take a 4 week Italian language course. I just know if I am there, I will be able to absorb the language so much easier than I can by taking classes in the USA. Besides, if that doesn’t work well, Montepulciano also makes some of the finest red wine in all of Italy, so I will be able to drown any sorrows I might have.

Ah, then there is the Cinque Terre. This is the main square of Vernazza, my favorite of the five villages that comprise the Cinque Terre. On the hikes, the scenery is fabulous. One can walk from village to village via the trail system, although last year some trails were closed, for maintenance or repair of landslides, but there is always another trail to follow, or just go to Monterosso, rent a chair and umbrella, and relax at the seashore.

Italy calls me for many reasons. One is the more relaxed lifestyle..people just don’t get as stressed as we Americans do.. Italians also live longer than we do…the life expectancy there is about 4 years longer than ours.

Then there is the food. Where do I start with that?

A simple tortellini soup tastes wonderful on a chilly evening. I love going to the Mercato, finding the fresh vegetables, fruit, meats, cheeses, house-made fresh pastas, and I don’t have to worry whether they are organic or GMO- free, because they are. And the foods just taste so much better.

Exploring new places is another reason Italy is calling me back. Where else could I find treasures like the Trulli houses in Alberobello
image4 image5

Meeting new people, making new friends. These are all part of the Italy experience for me. So, yes, I am ready, mentally, to be back in Italy. I appreciate my family and Frank for understanding that, although I am not, by genetics, Italian, I certainly am an Italian wannabe!

I trust you will follow my adventures as I go back to my other homeland.

Oh, yes, before I go to Italy, my S.O. (Significant Other), Frank Garcia and I will be taking a 2 week Rhine and Mosel trip. I will be back in Europe, so I know I will feel like I am almost “home” again. I will post blogs on that trip, also.

Ciao for now. Keep traveling with me.


P.S. There is another lady blogger who loves Italy as much as I do. If you want to see Italy from her perspective, check out Margie In Italy. She has also written 2 books about her travels.

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