And The Huffington Post Mentions Purple Roofs Too!

Published Date Author: , June 1st, 2014

San Francisco City OasisWe’re having quite a happy little media day here at Purple Roofs. First we were mentioned in a New York Times article, and then, thanks to Bill Boeddiker at the Parker Guest House in San Francisco, our name popped up on the Huffington Post in an article about marketing to the LGBT traveler:

4. Know Your Media. Be aware of how people are getting information about your business — that should influence both how you advertise and how you stay on top of what your customers are saying about you. That’s one thing that guides Bill Boeddiker, the owner of Parker Guest House, which is a bed-and-breakfast in San Francisco’s Castro district. He says that when his hotel opened in 1997, they advertised exclusively in gay and lesbian media — like the Damron Guide and Spartacus. Boedikker says that he still uses gay-specific sites like Gay Cities, Purple Roofs and, but the main source of his business now is Google, TripAdvisor and — which has also helped increase the percentage of straight guests he has.

It’s great to know that as gay travel goes mainstream, gay B&B owners still find value in being listed on Purple Roofs. Thanks for the plug, Bill!

By Bill Boeddiker – The Huffington Post

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