Getting Lost in Camaguey, Cuba

Published Date Author: , June 15th, 2014

Camaguey, CubaCamaguey is a labyrinth where a poor map reader can easily get lost. The narrow streets seem identical and they look like endless mazes that seem to bring you back to where you’ve started. Getting lost in this old colonial city, however, offers a curious visitor some old gems that are new to his senses.

If you take time to pause in front of an open door or window, you’ll be greeted by an old man/woman rocking on his/her chair. She’ll be delighted if you respond with a smile, a nod or a simple “Hola!”

A short pause or look inside residential houses give foreign visitors a glimpse of the life of Cubans and their family values. You’ll see huge portraits, a religious statue, a laminated diploma and anything that’s considered family treasures are hanging on the wall or plastered in a corner.

By Alain – Full Story at The Sojourner | Cuba Gay Travel Resources

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