My First Gay Pride Parade

Published Date Author: , June 7th, 2014

SF Gay PrideThere is always something indescribable about the day you discover you are not really alone in this world. For LGBT people who grow up in a world where you are often a minority of one for a long time, discovering kindred spirits on a massive scale (at a large event like a gay pride celebration) can be described as a religious experience.

Born again is not a term I would reserve for a bandwidth of Christianity. Being in heaven is not just a nightclub in London or something we graduate towards after life on planet Earth. Attending one’s first LGBT Pride celebration is a transformational experience that can stay with you for the rest of your life. In my case, what happened there changed my life forever and I would not be living and working in the United States today, but for that chance of fate in 1982.

Within five months of attending Los Angeles Pride in June, I had moved from London to the USA and began a new chapter in my life and priesthood. It was not planned or calculated but was a truly charismatic experience where the Holy Spirit connected me with my lost brothers and sisters around the globe. “I once was lost and now am found” was the silent hymn that played through my mind and the din of really good disco music bouncing off the glass buildings in West Hollywood, California where the festival was organized. Even standing in line for a ticket was a moment of heavenly inclusion.

By Reverend Canon Albert Ogle – Full Story at SDGLN | Other Gay Travel Events

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