Exploring Bucharest, Romania

Published Date Author: , June 7th, 2014

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Cruise passengers heading to the Black Sea this fall might notice a change in their itineraries: due to the political unrest in Ukraine, Silversea cruises in particular is proposing an alternate route, including a “bonus” excursion in Bucharest. Two hours inland from the Black Sea, the capital is not only a necessary stop for anyone interested in Eastern European culture — it’s also in the midst of a substantial renaissance. Here are four things to do next time you find yourself in the “Paris of the East.”

Binge on contemporary design: One group that’s helping to keep Bucharest fresh (at least, from a tourism perspective) is the Bucharest Design Center, which offers a guide to stylish local businesses. By that, they mean places like the chic furniture boutique Intro, and Carturesti Verona Bookstore, which offers custom stationary, frequent readings, and a tearoom in the back.

Explore on two wheels: If you like the thought of cruising past landmarks like Palace of the Parliament (the second largest building in the world) and the monumental Victory Square (called Pia\0x0163a Victoriei), without having to actually go inside, why not rent a bike for the day? The best way to get around the city on two wheels is Cicloteque, which offers a decent network of shops near major parks like Tineretului Park, Herastrau Park, and Titan Park — and at just $6.25 per day, the rates aren’t too shabby either.

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