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Published Date Author: , June 7th, 2014
Charleston Culinary Tours/Walker Angell

Charleston Culinary Tours/Walker Angell

Three days. How much could you take on of one of the South’s most delectable cities? EDGE has mapped out 72 hours worth of eating at Charleston restaurants. We’d say pace yourself, but there will be no time for that.


Morning: Chefs’ Kitchen Tour – Start your trip off by visiting the kitchens and meeting the chefs in three of Charleston’s top restaurants. Your guide, Hoon Calhoun, will educate you on Charleston’s culinary history and orient you with regard to Charleston’s best restaurants today. The tour starts with coffee and doughnuts at Glazed, Charleston’s gourmet, homemade, delicious, I-can’t-believe-this-is-in-a-doughnut shop, and proceeds to visit three restaurants, meeting chefs and gaining insight into their ideas, methods and creativity along the way.

Lunch: Two Boroughs Larder – Josh and Heather Keeler’s Two Boroughs Larder is where Charleston chefs go to eat. Charleston’s Celebrity Chef Sean Brock calls Two Boroughs Larder, “the best restaurant in Charleston”. Go judge for yourself and order everything on the menu to be sure. This is the place to take chances as you probably won’t recognize half of the ingredients on the menu, but trust in Josh’s capable hands and discriminating taste. Everything will be delicious, and some dishes will be transcendent. In between courses, take a moment to explore the selection of hard goods and specialty products available for purchase.

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