The Cuban Way of Life

Published Date Author: , June 1st, 2014

Alain - Cuba - Alain the Sojourner

When traveling, I have this habit of talking to locals and asking them for their portraits whatever they are doing. I’d ask their names and I’d give mine even if they won’t ask. Most of the time, I got affirmative answers but there were few times I was refused but they’re willing to do it for a dollar or a donation if they’re performing something. I have no problem with that.

Life is hard, for some people. For some tourists, they’d say it’s just so wrong, so they won’t give. Say what you want but I do think what I’m doing is better than sneaking photos sans permission. Traveling is supposed to be knowing and meeting people, so why not make an effort? Ask permission and have a little chat with them. If they say, no, respect it. If they say, yes, then thank him or get to know him more–if you speak (or a bit of) his language.

In Cuba, it’s different. Life is very hard there. There are few people would pat tourists on their shoulders and ask to take a shot of them for a dollar.

By Alain – The Sojourner | Cuba Gay Travel Resources

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Edwardo setien - Gravatar Edwardo setien said on June 13, 2014, 6:08 am:

Cuban people are very friendly but the economical and political situation have made them stronger and at the same time vulnerable ( is a fight for survival and peace) . Everyday is a quest to find a dollar to put some food in your mouth or buy a lousy T-shirt. They are not fighters, don’t like to go to war.Music and a festive and happy mood is more appreciated, the flamenco and African influences have given born to a great musical creation as well as very exotic and beautiful people.

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