Visiting Gay Honolulu

Published Date Author: , May 22nd, 2014

Gay Honolulu

Fact: That fashion statement of girls putting a flower behind their ear actually stems from a very real Hawaiian tradition. It means she’s married.

It is a foregone conclusion that Hawaii has a headlock on weddings and honeymoons. The beaches are perfect. The water is perfect. The weather is perfect. Even when it rains, it is perfect. And as of December 2013, gays and lesbians received our fair share of the perfection when the Hawaii Marriage Equality Act was signed into law. LGBT travel is a competitive business, but Honolulu is a game changer…

Some say that Honolulu isn’t a gay town, but think again. Honolulu may be no equivalent to the Castro, but from the gay stretch of sand at Queen’s Surf Beach at San Souchi State Park to the string of clubs and bars on and around Kuhio and Kapahulu Avenues, it’s clear gays are everywhere: Bacchus for the young ones, Tapas for the older ones, and Lojax for the sports fans (we all have our priorities, witnessing the NFL draft of Michael Sam, for example) join the classic bastions Fusion, Wang Chung, and the cavernous Hula’s Bar and Lei Stand. Who said Honolulu wasn’t gay?

By David Perry – Edge Boston | Gay Honolulu Travel Resources

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