Upcoming Gay Pride Events 5/30/14

Published Date Author: , May 30th, 2014

San Francisco Gay Pride Parade 2012Here’s our recap of the most recent LGBT pride events – articles posted over the last day or two.

Canada, British Columbia: Nanaimo Pride: Nanaimo (Canada 2011 Census population 83,810) is a city on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. June 14th-21st. full story

Canada, Saskatchewan: Saskatoon Pride: The Saskatoon Pride Festival, hosted by the Saskatoon Diversity Network (SDN), is an annual week-long festival providing an accessible space in which to celebrate queerness, fostering community pride, and raising awareness of queer culture within the larger community. June 15th-22nd. full story

Canada, Saskatchewan: Queen City Pride: The Queen City Pride Festival is an annual, week-long celebration of the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans*, and Queer) community of Regina and the greater region of South Saskatchewan. June 16th-22nd. full story

Croatia: Zagreb Pride: The theme of this year’s Pride LGBT people and families Zagreb Pride 2014th is solidarity in the struggle for equality and dignity of all people in the Republic of Croatia. June 14th. full story

France: Biarritz Pride: Gay pride celebration put on by the LGBT organization in the Basque Country. June 21st. full story

Germany: Christopher Street Day Berlin: Around 500,000 protesters and spectators are expected this year and will provide you with their extravagant costumes, provocative posters and good humor of the capital a completely new paint. June 21st. full story

Germany: Fantasy Pride: Take Europe’s best amusement park, thousands of screaming and celebrating lesbians and gays, this garnish with a live program that has washed himself and give the icing a good shot Party Power at its best on top. June 21st. full story

Portugal: Lisbon Pride: The city’s LGBT community comes together to illustrate the need for unity at the Pride Parade in Lisbon 2014. June 21st. full story

UK, England: York Pride: The York Pride Parade is back for it’s third year; the 50m long rainbow flag will meander through York’s ancient streets; passing the mansion house, which will be flying the Rainbow Flag again. June 21st. full story

UK, Scotland: Pride Scotia: Pride Scotia is Scotland’s national LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) pride festival. Run entirely by volunteers, we organise both a pride march and a community based festival to celebrate diversity and personal identity. June 21st. full story

USA, Illinois: Chicago Pride: Chicago Pride Weekend consists of a two-day festival and our world-famous parade. June 21st-29th. full story

USAWashington DC: Capital Pride: Gay ally Chris Kluwe was named Grand Marshal of the DC pride parade. June 6th-8th. full story

USA: full story

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