Quaint Towns in Marin and Sonoma

Published Date Author: , May 26th, 2014

Healdsburg, CaliforniaDespite the heavy promotional campaign, there’s more to Marin and Sonoma counties than just wine-tasting. Outdoor recreation awaits, as does shopping, farm-to-fork dining and plenty of quirky stops with equally “interesting” characters.

It’s close enough to Sacramento so that you can make a long day trip or, if you’ve eaten too much or overdone it on the trail or the white-water rapids, you can spend the night in a cozy B&B.


A quick stroll down Main Street and its arteries bear that out. It ranges from the beautiful and diverse antique furniture at the Sonoma Nesting Co. to the nostalgia-laden Russian River Vintage Trailers.

The ’60s (that’s the 1860s, folks) are on display at the Riverlane Resort, where owner Alby Kass proudly shows off a blown-up photo of loggers felling wide-trunked redwoods while his erstwhile boardinghouse serves as home base. The other ’60s is represented by a boutique called “Shakedown Street, ” purveyor of all things Grateful Dead-related, with a winking-nudging “Hippies Use Back Door – No Exceptions” sign in the front window.

By Sam McManis – the Sacramento Bee | Sonoma Gay Travel Resources

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