My Weekend in Milan

Published Date Author: , May 8th, 2014

Milan, ItalyHead to spend Easter weekend in Milan, first stop the city to meet friends and explore and second stop to meet the new Italian family just an hour north of the city in the steeps of the mountains in a village called Veglio.

We flew EasyJet, 1.5 hours from gatwick to Milan linate which is smack in the middle of the city a 15 minute taxi ride just [euro]13. Here we stayed with a friend who was just four stops by underground from Duomo, and a simple 20 minute walk from the main high street. If you begin shopping Milan there wil be no turning back. Not only are there hundreds of shops in the city but the style is unique and incredible compared to major cities like London and Paris and Berlin, furthermore the prices are surprisingly affordable for this style.

If Milan is built for anything it is shopping, immerse yourself in the high street stores or head designer for the home of Prada and other amazing brands that dazzle the wealth of the city including D&G And Marc Jacobs.

By Ryan C. Haynes – Honest Omissions | Milan Gay Travel Resources

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