Gay Travel in India – Glorious and Intimidating

Published Date Author: , May 28th, 2014

Gay Travel in IndiaTraveling to India is both glorious and, well, a little intimidating. For even the most seasoned adventurer, this vibrant nation teeming with people, flavors and energy can seem more complex than other destinations, especially when it comes to trip planning. But even though cultural, religious and plain old logistical differences abound, a passage to India can be the most exciting journey you’ll ever take.

Having traveled to northern India in 2010, I gained a good sense of just how helpful both patience and flexibility can be upon booking a flight to this country of 1.2 billion souls. One learns very quickly that in India everything from transportation and lodging, to dining and attractions sometimes can be not just confusing, but bewildering – especially for a solo traveler, and perhaps more so for a solo lesbian.

Not one to be easily daunted, this year I was called back for a second visit to this exotic land, this time to Mumbai with a side trip to the state of Goa. Both locales have tourist-friendly reputations, and because I have a pair of queer friends in Mumbai I was especially eager to check out this city rapidly emerging as a world capital, complete with a burgeoning gay scene.

By Kelsy Chauvin – Edge Boston | India Gay Travel Resources

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