Outside of Gay Tel Aviv

Published Date Author: , April 16th, 2014

Usually, a vacation in Gay Israel consists of visiting only Tel Aviv. It’s true that Tel Aviv is by far the most Gay friendly, open minded, liberal and hedonistic city in Israel, and that all major Gay events, including Gay Pride Tel Aviv, the annual Gay film festival – TLV Fest, the Lesbian film festival – Lethal Lesbian 3, countless parties and after parties and almost any other Gay event which comes to mind, take place in the city, but still, there are some worth seeing spots outside of the vivid city.

If time is on your side, take it and use it to visit at least one or two unforgettable spots, which will give a deeper angle to your Gay Israel vacation, The first spot you really should visit is, obviously, the holy city of Jerusalem. The controversial, beautiful, hypnotizing city, on which so many words were written and tears were shed, is waiting for you within an hour drive from Gay Tel Aviv’s center. Whether you go on a Gay group tour Israel‘s gay travel agencies are running, on a regular tour or on your own, you will undoubtedly be amazed by its historical ruins, special atmosphere and breathtaking views, not to mention its colorful markets and excellent food (some of the best hummus restaurants are located in Jerusalem). There aren’t so many Gay events or Gay bars in Jerusalem, and Jerusalem pride is not as huge as Gay Pride Tel Aviv, due to the immnese oposition of the Orthodox Jews, populating most of the city, but still, you can always find what to do even in here, or you can quicly come back to Tel Aviv. 


Another most popular destination is the Dead Sea and Masada area. Located in the south of the country, at the Judaean Desert, where you can visit the ruins of Herod the Great’s fortress, which is a sign and a symbol for the long lost Jewish society, who fought the Romans till death, Then, you will reach the lowest point on the face of Earth : the Dead Sea; floating on its water will leave you awed by the wonders of nature. Take the time and treat yourself with a healing mud bath or any other spa treatment you wish, and fix your mood, body and soul, just before heading back to Tel Aviv, to continue your fantastic vacation in Gay Israel


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