Miami Beach Gets Its Pride on This Weekend

Published Date Author: , April 11th, 2014

Miami Beach Gay PridePeople from all over Florida are looking forward to the state’s fastest-growing gay pride celebration. Miami Beach Gay Pride, now celebrating its sixth year, will be putting on an elaborate parade and festival with lively musical accompaniment. All that happens on Sunday, April 13. But there is an entire weekend chock full of events for you to enjoy!

Miami Beach Gay Pride was the brainchild of former mayor Matti Bower, who organized the event as an initiative of the city’s Gay Business Development Council. When the first pride was held in 2009, the city estimated that about 15,000 people came out to participate in this new event.

Since then, Miami Beach Gay Pride has grown exponentially, from a day to a whole weekend. Last year, over 80,000 people participated in the Pride parade and festival, bringing in people not just from Florida, but tourists from all over the world who heard about the thriving and successful celebrations. There were 1,200 walkers and 66 different floats alone in last year’s parade.

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